Saturday, March 18, 2006

Proposal: Reuters

Passed 6-2 (3 abstentions). Timed out. Enacted by smith. I’m assuming ‘floot’ was a typo.

Adminned at 19 Mar 2006 18:28:53 UTC

Add a new rule, called “Dosh Trading” to the ruleset with the following text:

Any Entity in the Dosh Market may buy or sell Dosh in exchange for Bars. 
To buy Dosh, e posts a comment to the GNDT saying, “Buying 1 Dosh for X Bars”, where X is the current Dosh Price Index rounded up.  E then adds one to eir Distimmed Dosh, subtracts one from the Market’s Distimmed Dosh, subtracts X from eir Bars and adds X to the Market’s Bars.  However, if E has less than X Bars, or the Market has no Dosh, the trade fails and nothing happens. 

To sell Dosh, e posts a comment to the GNDT saying, “Selling 1 Dosh for X Bars”, where X is the current Dosh Price Index rounded down.  E then subtracts one from eir Distimmed Dosh, adds one to the Market’s Distimmed Dosh, adds X to eir Bars and subtracts X from the Market’s Bars.  However, if the Market has less than X Bars, or e has no Dosh, the trade fails and nothing happens.

Add a subrule “Bars” to the rule “Dosh Trading” with the following text:

Bars are the official unit of exchange for Gostaks and the other Entities.  Each Gostak and Dosh Production Group has an amount of funds, measured in Bars and tracked in the GNDT.  A specific amount of Bars may be denoted by a | symbol in front of the number of Bars.  New Gostaks start with |1.  Every Gostak may give any of eir Bars to another Gostak at any time.

Add a subrule “The Price of Dosh” to the rule “Dosh Trading” with the following text:

The Dosh Price Index is defined as the total amount of Bars in existance divided by the total amount of Dosh in existance (not counting any in the Shiny Demons row of the GNDT). 
The Market has its own supply of Dosh and Bars, tracked in the GNDT.

Add a new Column to the GNDT labeled “Bars”. Give all Gostaks |1.
Add a new row to the GDNT labeled “Market”.  Give it 200 Distimmed Dosh, |2000 and put it on the 10th Floor.

Name the 10th Floor “Dosh Market” and give it the following description:  “This floor is the center of the electronic Dosh trading system.”
Name the 11th Floot “The Bank”.

When this is enacted,  make the appropriate peices of the added text bold.

I have a few ideas for Bars, including indulgences and a pay elevator.  Discussion of these and other uses will probably take place in the IRC.

Oh, and…  Bucky
May I have 100 Dosh now?



03-17-2006 23:59:27 UTC

The three main purposes of this proposal are to put something interesting between floors 3 and 18, make Dosh in some way useful(sort of) and convince y’all that I can put out a proposal with no intentional loopholes.


03-18-2006 00:40:10 UTC

imperial cheese

Elias IX:

03-18-2006 01:05:38 UTC

imperial, eh, “Reuters” wasn’t in bold.


03-18-2006 01:10:19 UTC

Oh, right.  One intentional loophole.


03-18-2006 12:53:23 UTC



03-18-2006 15:35:14 UTC

for I like it fine (though we’ll be renaming a floot, not a floor, which could be a problem.). We might need a CfJ for the Reuters thing, but I’m cool with that going either way - it wasn’t Bucky’s loophole, it was Elias’s.


03-18-2006 15:42:18 UTC

Note to Admin:
Here is a list of terms to Bold.
Entity, Bars, Dosh Market,  buy/sell,  GNDT, Dosh Price Index, Distimmed Dosh, Market, Gostaks, Dosh Production Group, Shiny Demons, The Bank.


03-18-2006 17:03:56 UTC



03-18-2006 18:57:48 UTC

for ok, another currency, but our GNDT really is full enough, now.


03-18-2006 19:05:29 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-19-2006 04:24:49 UTC

Do I really want to vote on the bandwagon for one of Bucky’s proposals, without getting out my notebook to make truth tables?

More stuff in the GNDT! Yes!



03-19-2006 18:51:04 UTC



03-19-2006 20:41:33 UTC

against due to floot

Elias IX:

03-20-2006 00:07:14 UTC

against, because I want my proposal to pass, but I don’t want to have to enact this. (One more GNDT row and column? Looking through the new rule text for words to bold? Ay, mamá.)


03-20-2006 01:44:23 UTC



03-20-2006 01:53:31 UTC

timed out has never really ment anything, voting truely happens until it is admined


03-20-2006 02:14:44 UTC

I know.  It’s just an alert to the Admins.


03-20-2006 02:27:27 UTC

Speaking of which, i made another post to help the Admin.  I surrounded all bold items in ‘’‘s, which I believe is the WIKI syntax.  Please delete it after using it.