Friday, June 26, 2009

Proposal: Revenge of King Anthony

Self killed- yuri_dragon_17

Adminned at 28 Jun 2009 17:55:26 UTC

Make a new Dynastic Rule titled “Checks and Balances” with the following text:

The Tour Guide cannot Veto more than 5 Proposals in one day.

Because yuri is on a record-breaking pace right now . . . even if most of them are justified. Blognomic should never be making that many bad Proposals at once.



06-26-2009 15:22:42 UTC

for Although making it somehow proportional to the number of players would be useful. Also, would this potentially open up BlogNomic to an invasion by hundreds of new players who were all working together? My guess is no, unless they had an admin helping them, but it’s still something to be cautious of.


06-26-2009 15:35:22 UTC


Its a dynastic rule, but still the veto is a needed tool. I really only think one of Yuri’s vetoes was at all questionable.

The rest killed off stuff that didn’t work because he SKed the starting proposal.

If an emperor ever abuses veto power, we can CfJ to remove him from power, Yuri hasn’t abused it yet though, so no need to limit his powers.


06-26-2009 15:41:34 UTC

against per Clucky and as long as bad proposals appear he should be able to stiop them.


06-26-2009 15:51:13 UTC


It’s not the Tour Guide’s fault if there are floods of bad proposals.

Ienpw III:

06-26-2009 15:51:37 UTC

(just kidding)


06-26-2009 17:01:18 UTC

against since a CfJ could remove any emperor that might abuse his veto rights.


06-26-2009 20:07:04 UTC

against yea,the cfj is our check/balance.


06-26-2009 23:34:08 UTC

The issue was more that there are a lot of bad Proposals happening right now. Another solution is if yuri just doesn’t Veto other ppl’s self-kills right away. Which he seems to be doing now (my and Amni’s s/ks are still sitting there), so we’re good.


06-27-2009 01:48:43 UTC



06-27-2009 05:13:48 UTC

against s/k. Maybe yuri could make an exception and veto this one.

Bucky, you should come back now.

Ienpw III:

06-27-2009 06:34:43 UTC

Qwaz, You can’t have it both ways.


06-27-2009 07:17:51 UTC

Looks to me like I couldn’t have it either way.  : p


06-28-2009 01:09:28 UTC