Monday, September 26, 2005

Proposal: Revenge of the Revenge of the Natives

3-4.  Cannot be Enacted w/o CoV.  Failed by Excalabur.

Adminned at 28 Sep 2005 00:14:57 UTC

Amend rule to say

If a Territory is Occupied by a Country, the Country may initiate a Hostile Takeover of the Territory. To do so, e must {Make a Post} titled “Hostile Takeover of ((Territory))”. 3 days after this post occurs, if that Country still occupies that Territory and the native population is greater than 0 then the following events occur (in order, but logically instantaneously):

* Population Revolt - The native population of the occcupied Territory fights back, and the occupying Country loses DICEY population presence in that territory, where Y is the occupying population amount in that Territory. If the Occupiying Population is 0 or less, the revolt has been successful, and none of the remaining steps occur. Otherwise, proceed to the next step

* Supression - The occupying force kills the native population as a sign of strength, and the native population loses DICEZ population, where Z is the occupying population amount times 2. After this, If the native population is greater than the occupying population then another Population Revolt occurs. If the native population is 0 or less, then none of the following steps occur.

* Emigration - The native population gives up and many of the population emigrates to neighboring territories. The Territory loses DICEW population, where W is the native population amount. All adjacent Territories gain native population of DICEW / N rounded up, where N is the number of Territories adjacent to that Territory.

* Control - The remaining native population is added to the occupying population, and the Territory is changed to be Controlled by the Country initiating the Hostile Takeover.

If a Country ever Occupies a Territory without any native population then it gains Control of that territory.

Summary of changes: You can now attempt to take over any territory that you occupy reguardless of your population but if after Suppression, the native outnumber your population they revolt again. And weirdness that involves dice with negitive sides and non-existant population has been fix.



09-26-2005 18:34:21 UTC

This still makes it really hard to takeover a territory.  On average half of your takeover force will be killed by the revolt, so you basically need a population equal to the native population.


09-26-2005 18:37:15 UTC

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if the Pop. Revolt and Supppression steps occur in an infinite loop, or if it just occurs once more.  against


09-26-2005 21:58:05 UTC



09-26-2005 22:03:07 UTC

Notice that the first step says “Otherwise, proceed to the next step”. Also, it seems a bit absurd that a Country that is SMALLER than the target place can just go over and take it over. It gets even more absurd if just 1 person of the invaders remains and that 1 person causes a huge native population to run away.

And finally, even if half the attackers are killed, the remaining ones will do more damage to the natives then the population that died.


09-26-2005 22:14:16 UTC

for I think this works as a proper loop, and I think it is an improvement. I am planning to propose cheaper transport rates to make takeover easier.


09-26-2005 22:21:56 UTC



09-26-2005 23:11:07 UTC

I’m envisioning this as a colonial system.. the Brits taking over places like Bermuda, Canada, Tonga, India, etc.

It didn’t take very many brits to take some of these places over.


09-26-2005 23:50:14 UTC

So 1 avrage guy can just take over a village of 80 people? These are people, not geneticly enhanced dinosaurs with shotguns.


09-27-2005 01:47:58 UTC

against I guess “Supression” could have something like this : “(...) After this, if the the occupying population is not greater than 25% the native population, then another Population Revolt occurs.”