Sunday, April 30, 2023

[Review Board] State of the Union

This is a resubmission of my previous Review Board, which was closed early by someone despite having gained significant support from the factory floor. I hereby recommend to AUTHORISE Kevan to work at the regulation Safety Check level.

Again, all support given on this will be reciprocated, minus the previous exceptions.


Taiga: he/him

30-04-2023 11:24:17 UTC



30-04-2023 11:35:13 UTC


Josh: he/they

30-04-2023 12:01:59 UTC

I’m sorry, in what way was it closed early? If there’s an allegation of impropriety then surely that should be raised as a CfJ.

Kevan: City he/him

30-04-2023 12:40:42 UTC

Early in the window of time during which a Review Board could be closed. No allegation of a written rule being broken.

Josh: he/they

30-04-2023 13:44:17 UTC

Ah so by “closed early” you mean “closed on time”? Ok.