Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Proposal: Rewrite Hostile Takeover

Self-Kill.  Failed by Excalabur.

Adminned at 23 Sep 2005 10:04:02 UTC

Rewrite Hostile Takeover so it reads:

A Country that occupies a Territory may initiate a Hostile Takeover of the Territory if all these conditions are true:
* That Country’s Presence in the target Territory is greater than 1/4 the native Population (rounded up to the nearest integer);
* The Country attempting the Hostile Takeover has a Presence in the target Territory that is larger than the combined Presence off all other Countries in the target Territory, or there is no other Country occupying the target Territory.

A Country initiates a Hostile Takeover by Making a Post titled “Hostile Takeover of ((target Territory))”.

3 days after the Posting of a Hostile Takeover, if the initial conditions for Takeover (as listed above) remain true, several events occur (in order, but logically instantaneously):
1. Population Revolt - The Native Population of the target Territory fights back, and each Countries’ Presences in that Territory is reduced by a DICEY roll, where Y is the size of each Presence. If, after those rolls, the initial conditions for Takeover (as listed above) don’t remain true, the revolt has been successful, and none of the remaining steps occur.
2. Supression - The force trying the takeover kills the Native Population and all other occupying forces as a sign of Strength. The native population loses DICEZ population, where Z is the occupying population amount times 2 and all Countries’ Presences in the target Territory (except the one attempting the Take Over) are reduced to0 (Zero).
3. Emigration - The native population gives up and many of the population emigrates to neighboring territories. The Territory loses DICEW population, where W is the native population amount. All adjacent Territories gain native population of DICEW / N rounded up, where N is the number of Territories adjacent to that Territory.
4. Control - The Presence is added to the remaining native population, and the Territory is changed to be Controlled by the Country who initiated the Hostile Takeover.

All Hostile Takeovers posted or resolved before the date of this proposal’s enactment are annulled and their effects shall be reverted.



09-21-2005 16:36:17 UTC

I thought about this rewrite when writing the rule, and decided against it because it makes it much much harder (and very random) to takeover.  You would effectively have to completely overpopulate the country to even have a chance of a hostile takeover, because DICEY will kill a random amount of your people.

It’s hard enough getting population enough to perform a hostile takeover to the Territory (it cost me 39 grain, 23 petroleum and 15 metal to takeover a relatively small territory) without having to worry about it failing randomly.  The original text has a random failure amount which can be modified to be triggered more often by Countries which are occupying the territory and against you taking it over (reducing your population).


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09-21-2005 19:29:06 UTC

against Indeed. S-K. But we still need a rewrite.