Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Proposal: Richer and Grander

Illegal. Juniper already had 2 Proposals still in the queue as of the time and date of this Proposal: “Rich and Reckless” and “Being Caught”.

@Juniper, you need to wait until “Rich and Reckless” either gets enough votes to fail it or enact it, or until it times out. You can also vote against your own proposal “Rich and Reckless” to withdraw it, and in this case that would make it fail immediately due to having a Quorum of votes AGAINST.

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Adminned at 15 May 2024 07:26:10 UTC

Add a new step to the end of the list in “Distribution”:-

* A Thief’s Wealth is equal to their Florins value, plus the Florins in all of their own Pouches.
            * A Team’s Wealth is equal to the sum of all Members’ Wealth.

In “The Haul”, replace “If there is no pending Haul post” with:-

If there is no pending Haul post and the City has not made a Triumphal post so far this dynasty.

Add a rule named ‘Grand Heist’ with the following text:

==Grand Heist==
Each Thief can have a number of Grand Heists, which is publicly tracked and defaults to zero.

Grand Heists have a Description, which has no effect, but helps to create a good narrative.

Every Grand Heist must be completed by a Team. A Team must have at least 1 Thief in it. All Thieves in a Team are known as Members.
To create a Team, a Member must make a blog post with the names of every Member. This Team is created if every player mentioned responds to this blog post with for.

At any time, if a Team has met the Standard for an Grand Heist then they may Attempt it by making a blog post announcing as such. Such a Team is known as an Attemptor. A Thief not in the Team, or the City, must then respond with for if they can confirm the Attemptor has met the Standard. The Attemptor then makes a Notoriety Check, one for each Member. If they succeed, all Members may increase their Heists by 1. If they fail, all Members are placed in the Gaol. Each Thief may only claim each individual Heist once in the dynasty.

Any Thief who has claimed four Heists has achieved Victory.

The possible Heists, their Descriptions, and their Standards are as follows:

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Heist !! Description !! Standard
| Mansion Jewels || Only the richest get into this mansion. You'll need to flash your cash - and there's the small matter of the 50 florin entrance fee… || This Team must have more than 200 Wealth. Pay 50 Florins to Attempt this Heist.
| The Monk's Diamond || It takes speed to outrun the swift monks at the temple. Plus, the police station is right next door. Better have a good escape route. || No Members may have any Injuries. Perform one additional Notoriety Check for every ten Wealth this Team have. This Team must announce their intentions to perform this Grand Heist five days in advance.
| Amethyst of Strength || The legendary Amethyst of Strength is held at a nearby museum. It doesn't actually grant strength, but it's surrounded by some pretty strong guards. || One Member must have the highest Arms value. No Members may have any Pouches.
| First Prize || At the underground Bragging Competition, the judges are happy to turn a blind eye to any wrongdoings, as long as you're the best in something. || One Member must have the highest Notoriety. Perform an additional Notoriety Check for every Member.
| Crystal Chandelier || At a fancy restaurant, the biggest gangs often have shootouts. If a notorious thief shows up, maybe they'll clear out - leaving the beautiful chandelier for you. || The current Target must be Restaurant. At least one Member must have a Notoriety of at least 48.

Tried fixing my proposal..? if something’s wrong then i’m not going to edit it any more.


Clucky: he/him

14-05-2024 20:51:53 UTC

This doesn’t really fix the problems I had.

The Monk’s Diamond is still trivial for a new player to get.
Crystal Chandelier feels like it would make stuff come down to just luck

a player like Josh who I don’t think ever got any patches could also easily unidle and snatch Amethyst of Strength

I also just don’t really like the shift from heists being a team activity to them being a solo thing for the purposes of victory

Juniper.ohyegods: she/her

14-05-2024 21:13:39 UTC

alright, i’ll add this in:

Juniper.ohyegods: she/her

14-05-2024 21:23:54 UTC

hey clucky, added the team play for you.