Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Proposal: Ride!

Cannot reach quorum with eleven votes against. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 23 Nov 2007 03:32:14 UTC

Add the following rule, entitled Mounts:

Each Valkyrie may have exactly one mount. A Valkyrie without a mount shall not recruit Einherjar and shall not bid to do so.

Each Valkyrie’s mount is tracked in the GNDT. There are various mounts that a Valkyrie may chose to ride, and a Valkyrie’s choice of mount may affect his performance in other areas. All legal mounts are listed in this rule.

Horse: In the event that a Valkyrie riding a horse has a tied highest bid for an unrecruited Einherjar, the Valkyrie riding the horse always wins. If both Valkyries are riding horses, then the bid is resolved as if neither were.
Giant squirrel: As a weekly action, any Valkyrie riding a Squirrel may add five acorns to their total. This may not be done until seven days have elapsed from the Valkyrie’s adoption of the squirrel as a mount.
Dragon: Any Valkyrie riding a dragon at the time the Allfather announces a skirmish shall be considered to have 2 extra Moxie, 2 extra Combat and 2 extra Mysticism in that Skirmish. This does not affect the individual statistics of that Valkyrie’s Einherjar.
Giant Squid: Any Valkyrie riding a Giant Squid shall have their acorn bid doubled at no extra cost to themselves when bidding on an Einherjar whose Wikipedia entry strongly implies a connection with seafaring, the sea or ships. The Allfather is the final arbiter as to the validity of use in this matter.
Harpy: A Valkyrie riding a harpy when a Skirmish is posted may, after that Skirmish, pay an amount of acorns equal to x+1 to recruit the fallen Einherjar (where ‘x’ is the number of acorns paid by the Valkyrie who originally recruited it).
Vampire Bat: If a Valkyrie is riding a Vampire Bat, then all of his or her Einherjar become dishonourable. This effect does not expire if the Valkyrie changes to another mount.
Amner: Any Valkyrie riding Amner may only recruit or bid to recruit male Einherjar. If a Valkyrie already possesses female Einherjar when he or she switches to Amner, then those female Einherjar are ignored for the purposes of all rules until the Valkyrie changes their mount. If a Valkyrie riding Amner is involved in a Skirmish, all female Einherjar have their Combat reduced by 1 for the duration of that Skirmish.
Succubus: As a daily action, a Valkyrie riding a Succubus may pay x acorns, where x is the average amount of acorns spent on all recruited Einherjar in play, to recruit one of Loki’s Einherjar chosen at random by the Allfather.
Slepnir: Any Valkyrie riding Slepnir may undertake any daily action twice daily instead.
Fenrir: After every Skirmish, there is a 1% chance (DICE100 in the GNDT by the Allfather, with a result of 1 meaning success) that Fenrir will eat the sun. If he does so, all Dynastic rules are repealed, the Allfather becomes a normal Valkyrie and the game enters a period of meta-dynasty with no Emperor.

There may be no more than three of each mount in play at any given time, except Fenrir, of which there may only ever be one. A Valkyrie may change their mount to any other mount at any time, but not more than once every 72 hours, provided that it doesn’t cause there to be more than the permitted number of any mount in play.

Create a column in the GNDT entitled ‘Mount’.

How can we ride if we don’t have mounts?



21-11-2007 14:27:06 UTC


Kevan: he/him

21-11-2007 14:32:03 UTC

Excellent. Harpy and Succubus mean that we’ll have to track each Einherjar’s acorn cost in the wiki, but that seems like a useful data point to have.

It’s up to the Allfather as to whether Fenrir comes along for the ride, though.



21-11-2007 14:40:53 UTC

for didn’t the valkyrie originally ride flying wolves & ravens? seems like those should be included if so. and i agree about fenrir. though that’s an interesting idea.


21-11-2007 14:47:38 UTC

I suggest making each mount unique; randomly assigning them, and ditching Fenrir.

Also note that “those female Einherjar are ignored for the purposes of all rules” means that those female Einherjar can’t even be traded.


21-11-2007 14:48:27 UTC

imperial The idea I like. That one must have a mount to recruit an Einherjar I do not.

Amnistar: he/him

21-11-2007 15:27:45 UTC


I like the idea of mounts being unique…perhaps having mount trading like we trade valkeries….but we’d need a whole lot more mounts :)

Amnistar: he/him

21-11-2007 15:28:51 UTC

Oh, only one I have a problem with is Slipner…might be a bit powerful…perhaps once per day may perform a daily action, allowing you a second use of that action….or something similiar.  doubling all daily actions seems…potent..


21-11-2007 16:04:49 UTC


and a Valkyrie’s choice of mount may affect his performance in other areas.—should say her, not his.


21-11-2007 16:19:12 UTC

against againstagainst Enacting Fenrir is like saying “Screw you” to this Dynasty. He has a 1% chance of ending the Dynasty. With no winner. For no reason. Randomly. Without any way to prevent it. And for that matter, it doesn’t even end the Dynasty cleanly. Valkyrie and Allfather remain in the ruleset.

The mythologic Fenrir was destined to devour Odin. So why is even on our side?

Josh: Bookie he/they

21-11-2007 16:26:42 UTC

Yoda - I wondered if that was too harsh, but then, how hard is it to pick a mount?

Spike, I’m fine with female Einherjar not being traded under Amner.


21-11-2007 16:47:08 UTC

against COV due to the problems.


21-11-2007 16:55:53 UTC



21-11-2007 19:10:38 UTC

3% chance if three of them show up somehow.

Josh: Bookie he/they

21-11-2007 19:21:26 UTC

except Fenrir, of which there may only ever be one.

I think that’s fairly loophole-proof.


21-11-2007 19:36:17 UTC

Actually, the percentage doesn’t depend on how many Fenrir mounts there are.  Even if there are 0, the rule text still applies.  Notice how the other mounts’ rule text mentions “a Valkyrie riding [this]”.

Anyway, I don’t think I want to go along with the random Dynasty kill. against

Darknight: he/him

21-11-2007 22:13:21 UTC



23-11-2007 00:18:28 UTC