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Proposal: Rite of Passage

Passes 5-3 after timeout—arth

Adminned at 29 Oct 2008 08:49:02 UTC

Create a new rule “Rituals”

As a weekly action, a Clansmen may perform one Ritual for each 10 Honor they have (Example: If they have 35 Honor, they may perform up to 3 rituals per week). The Clansmen must fulfill any other requirements for the specific Ritual being performed, follow any instructions specified on the ritual, make a comment on the most recent Weekly Rituals post specifying the ritual attempted and any choices required by it and the results of rolls made to perform it. If a ritual Fails, it has no effect on the gamestate.

At the beginning of each week, any Clan Lord may create a Weekly Rituals story post that includes the word “Rituals” in its title if no Weekly Rituals post has been created that week. A Clansmen may not perform a ritual while being a Combatant in a Duel.

The currently known rituals that a Clansmen may perform are described on the sub-rules to this rule, with the name of the sub-rule being the name of the Ritual.

Create a new sub-rule “Rite of Passage”:

The Clansmen goes hunting and brings back a sacred beast for the whole Clan to feast on. The Clansmen decides what kind of beast to hunt, choosing between “Horned Beast”, “Slithering Beast” or “Winged Beast” and chooses a size of beast between “Normal”, “Huge” or “Gargantuan”. Then, that Clansmen rolls 2DICEX where X is the value of Strength, Skill or Reflexes of that Clansmen, depending of the kind of beast (in the same order the appear). For the hunt to be successful, the result of the roll must be equal or greater than 5, 10 or 20 according to the size of the beast (in order).  Otherwise, the Ritual Fails and the Clansmen takes Damage. If the ritual succeeds, the Clansmen raises the rolled stat by 1, 2 or 3 according to the size of the beast.

For example, hunting a Huge Slithering Beast would require to roll 2DICE(Skill) and get a 10 or more.

Create a new sub-rule “Sacred Feast”:

This ritual may only be performed if another Clansmen who shares the same Clan as the one performing this Ritual has succeeded in a Rite of Passage this week. The Clansmen joins their fellows in celebration, feasting on the meat brought by their brothers and sisters in arms. The Clansmen performing this Ritual may set their Health to a previous value from the valid list of Health values, unless already Superb. Otherwise, if already Superb, the next time this Clansmen would deal Damage, it deals Crushing Damage instead. Then, raise the Honor of one another Clansmen who performed a Rite of Passage this week by 1, or by 2 if the Clansmen performing the Sacred Feast is a Clan Lord. A Clansmen may never increase their own honor through a Sacred Feast.

Create a Weekly Rituals post with the title, “Rituals for the favor of Aggrothar” and the text:

Brothers and Sisters! The War God Aggrothar must be honored by the sacred hunt of the warrior beasts! Let’s begin the sacred hunt and feast for the Honor of our Champions!

I’ve tried making this as flavorful as I could, and I hope this can get some interesting Clan strategies and politics going on.




10-27-2008 04:56:28 UTC

for Under “If a ritual Fails, it has no effect on the gamestate.”, “Otherwise, the Ritual Fails and the Clansmen takes Damage.” has no effect.  Other than that, I think it’s fine.

The Sacred Feast is a little bit confusing though.


10-27-2008 05:01:26 UTC

Well, the “If a ritual Fails, it has no effect on the gamestate.” may then be removed with a fix, as it was truly and oversight. Maybe it should be “If a ritual Fails, it has no effect on the gamestate, unless stated explicitly.”

Explanation for the sacred feast: some other clansmen completes a hunt, and every clansmen from their clan may go an feast with them. Each one that feasts heals a bit (or gains super-strength if already superb) and each one that attends the feast increases the honor of the hunter by 1 (or 2 for Clan Lords, which bring more honor when they feed from the hunt).


10-27-2008 05:19:03 UTC

Ok, I thought that’s what it was.  I just wasn’t sure.  Thanks for clearing that up.

As for the fix, someone else will have to do that because both of us have both our proposal slots full.  I would rather see it just removed, though, to avoid confusion.


10-27-2008 06:14:33 UTC

Sure, that could work just fine too.


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10-27-2008 15:15:44 UTC

against .  I’ve been trying to avoid quasi-mandatory Weekly Actions entirely.


10-27-2008 16:20:53 UTC

imperial Nice thematically, though.


10-27-2008 19:17:00 UTC

@Bucky: The difference is that these power Clans rather than individuals, and have the benefit that you can do all rites on a single visit to the page and be done with it, instead of remembering to come every day.

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