Monday, November 10, 2008

Rituals at the New Dawn

Its the beginning of a new season and the appropriate rituals need to be performed. For the honor of the Patriarch!



10-11-2008 04:26:48 UTC

I perform a Sacred Feast, raising Spikebrennan’s honor by 2.

arthexis: he/him

10-11-2008 04:53:04 UTC

Yoda, your ritual is invalid because none of your clan has performed a sacred hunt ritual this week.


10-11-2008 05:07:31 UTC



10-11-2008 05:08:05 UTC

I knew there was something I was forgetting.


10-11-2008 05:12:06 UTC

I successfully slaughter a normal slithering beast with an 11.


10-11-2008 05:14:26 UTC

I perform a Sacred Feast, for real this time, raising Spikebrennan’s honor by 2.

arthexis: he/him

10-11-2008 05:15:23 UTC

Not so fast pal. ANOTHER member of you clan has to do the hunting, read carefully.


10-11-2008 05:22:05 UTC

Oy!  Ok, fine.  I’ll just stop now…

SingularByte: he/him

10-11-2008 07:57:07 UTC

Hunted a normal slithering beast and got 6 so I passed. Then hunted a huge slithering beast and got 7 so I failed.


10-11-2008 18:55:51 UTC

I forged a Stone Hammer with a result of 7 and gave it to Yoda (chosen at random between the two champions).


11-11-2008 18:48:24 UTC

I successfully hunted a huge winged beast by rolling an 11.


11-11-2008 20:24:37 UTC

Thanks for trying, anyway.