Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rituals for the favor of Aggrothar

Brothers and Sisters! The War God Aggrothar must be honored by the sacred hunt of the warrior beasts! Let’s begin the sacred hunt and feast for the Honor of our Champions!


Hello Sailor:

10-29-2008 22:17:24 UTC

I have attempted a Rite of Passage Ritual as initiation into Clan Fryzjer.

My 2DICE5 result of 5 was just enough to successfully hunt a Normal Horned Beast.


10-29-2008 22:58:34 UTC

Hello Sailor:For future reference, you should mention what type of beast you are hunting in the GNDT comment where you roll the dice.

Hello Sailor:

10-29-2008 23:33:33 UTC

Oh, I know that I should.  But I wasn’t required to.  I guess you could say that I wanted to leave my options open.  Fact is, if I had made the 4% chance to roll a 10, I could have claimed that I had chosen to hunt a Huge beast.  Now, I wouldn’t _actually_ have made such a dishonest* claim, but I would have had some fun pointing it out.

*I do consider this as being (unenforceably) illegal under the Ruleset, since I am clearly required to choose (but not necessarily immediately report) which type of beast to hunt before making the roll.


10-30-2008 02:10:37 UTC

You are however required to comment the choice you took on the thread. Of course, it might be a good idea to submit a change to the wording so that choices need to be states explicitly in the GNDT at the time of rolls.


10-30-2008 02:19:24 UTC

I attempt a Rite of Passage in honor of the Patriarch, and as an offering for a new clan to be formed…

I try hunting a Normal Slithering Beast, however I fail (3DICE6: 3) and curse my luck while taking a beating.


10-30-2008 14:04:08 UTC

I succeeded in hunting a Normal Winged Beast.


10-31-2008 04:11:31 UTC

Purplebeard’s ritual does not count because he is a combatant in a duel, and, according to rule 2.9 “Rituals”, “A Clansmen may not perform a ritual while being a Combatant in a Duel.”


11-01-2008 00:07:33 UTC

I succeeded in hunting a Normal Slithering Beast.


11-01-2008 10:47:45 UTC

I’m going to have to reverse that, Yoda. Technically, our Duel never ended (even though Combat did).


11-01-2008 12:51:02 UTC

However, neither you or Yoda posted the dice rolls in your comments, so neither of your rituals succeeded.


11-01-2008 12:56:34 UTC

I slay a Normal Horned Beast with 2DICE5:6


11-01-2008 21:52:54 UTC

I defeated a Normal Slithering Beast - 2DICE6:8


11-01-2008 21:56:26 UTC

I partook in a Sacred Feast, raising Rodney’s honor by 2.


11-01-2008 21:58:32 UTC

For my third and final ritual, I succeeded in hunting a Normal Winged Beast - 2DICE5:6


11-02-2008 13:23:01 UTC

I caught a Normal Winged Beast: 2DICE6:10