Monday, November 03, 2008

Rituals: The Sun God Imanesh demands sacrifice!

The Sun God is demanding sacrifices, lest a terrible curse befall our tribes, Let the Rituals begin!


arthexis: he/him

03-11-2008 02:41:52 UTC

I succeed in hunting a Normal Slithering Beast (2DICE6:9)


03-11-2008 04:34:40 UTC

I perform a Sacred Feast, raising artexis’ honor by 2.


03-11-2008 17:17:49 UTC

I hunted a Normal Horned Beast, and got a 7.  I killed it, and got 1 strength.


03-11-2008 18:54:47 UTC

Phooey.  With the hit to Honor that I took last week, I cannot perform rituals.

arthexis: he/him

03-11-2008 21:05:53 UTC

Perhaps you should propose a minimum of 1 ritual per week even with less than 10 honor?


04-11-2008 05:40:01 UTC

I succeed in hunting a Normal Winged Beast (2DICE6:5).

SingularByte: he/him

04-11-2008 16:17:45 UTC

I hunted a Normal Winged Beast and got 9. Got 1 reflex.


04-11-2008 20:26:07 UTC

I succeeded in hunting a Normal Winged Beast with a result of 14


05-11-2008 15:05:14 UTC

I hunted a normal horned beast, got a 2, and was damaged.  I think I’m now the only one that has failed this ritual…


06-11-2008 22:06:43 UTC

I fail to forge a wooden bow with a 5.

arthexis: he/him

06-11-2008 23:38:24 UTC

@Yoda: I failed it last week.

arthexis: he/him

07-11-2008 15:41:59 UTC

I offer a sacred feast in honor of singularbyte, raising their honor by 2.


07-11-2008 18:23:20 UTC

You are not a clan lord yet, so it is raised by 1.

arthexis: he/him

08-11-2008 03:01:25 UTC

I attempt to forge a stone hammer in a heavenly forge ritual and fail by just a hair with a 6. I have 1 ritual left.

arthexis: he/him

09-11-2008 00:49:39 UTC

I get 2 additional rituals as I become a Clan Lord (total of 3 pending right now) I use one to hunt a normal horned beast and suceed with a 9.

arthexis: he/him

09-11-2008 00:53:49 UTC

I use another ritual to attempt heavenly forging leather gauntlets,  but miss again with a 3. This forge is really unlucky…

arthexis: he/him

09-11-2008 00:55:44 UTC

I have one ritual left. If someone joins Clan Iron before Monday, I’ll offer a ritual for your benefit (you can pick what you need)

arthexis: he/him

09-11-2008 16:50:58 UTC

Nobody? Ok. If someone still needs a ritual I’ll offer it next week. In the meanwhile I try to hunt a slithering beast, and succeed with a 9.


09-11-2008 18:21:26 UTC

I performed a Sacred Feast, raising Dustin’s honor by 2.