Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My shell/ftp access is fixed.  New veto icon uploaded.  Old one archived, at /images/vote/veto/seal.gif.qwaz

EE upgrade will hopefully happen this upcoming weekend, late friday night NA time, if we can get the backups to work right.  (I’m in the AEST time zone now, GMT +10, so I’ll be working saturday afternoon.)

Anything else that needs to get sorted?



08-26-2009 03:34:40 UTC

Lol, you saved the Veto Icon created in ais523’s Dynasty as “.qwaz?” The irony is . . . well, not staggering, but a little bit aback-taking.


08-26-2009 03:48:15 UTC

The current Icon is still the eye. . . .



08-26-2009 03:52:48 UTC

argh.  knew i missed it somewher.e it’s right on the adminned posts.
the new icon is a .png, the old ones are all .gifs

and it was used in your dynasty too, so don’t complain to me :)


08-26-2009 03:53:42 UTC

It’s just funny. There was one made for my Dynasty by yuri, but it was never used.


08-26-2009 04:01:25 UTC

We could use a Wikimedia update as well. Maybe I could even make an AdminBot that enacts proposals and sets default GNDT stuff automatically…


08-26-2009 04:01:44 UTC

Did I say Wikimedia? I meant MediaWiki.


08-26-2009 04:04:13 UTC

AdminBot would be GG. Let’s just hope it’s more effective than DarthBot.


08-26-2009 04:10:09 UTC

DarthBot was a joke.

What is GG?


08-26-2009 04:16:30 UTC

Good Game. The new Veto icon is amazing, by the way.


08-26-2009 04:18:40 UTC

I would agree about the mediawiki update, but I remember Kevan said something about or version being so far behind that it would not be possible to migrate the data.

If it weren’t for that I would be all up for an upgrade, it is much needed.


08-26-2009 04:19:32 UTC

Thank you. It’s one of NASA’S Project Blue Marble photos (specifically, the Eastern Hemisphere) greyscaled.


08-26-2009 04:20:13 UTC

Posted at the same time as arth.


08-26-2009 04:21:25 UTC

arth: Well we could store the MediaWiki code for all the non-spam pages on one player’s disk, then after the upgrade that player could recreate all the pages. Tough work, though.


08-26-2009 04:43:54 UTC

The MediaWiki code is one pointversion too old to be easily upgradable,  according to 75th trombone.  (D’oh.)
They added ‘easy-upgrade funcitionality’ in that next version.

Auto-adminning is a dumb idea, since most proposals need something /done/ if they pass.  A bot running around in the ruleset is a bad plan.

Auto-vote counting would be better, but tricky.


08-26-2009 04:53:52 UTC

So far so good, Ex… just need the image displayed in comments. Lol, I remember going through the same thing to get this when I tried to update it a few dynasties back, though it was eventually unsuccessful. It’s incredibly redundant…


08-26-2009 05:30:05 UTC

How come the archive stuff is now under the comments in posts?


08-27-2009 18:42:34 UTC

Veto Icon is still the old one in comments.