Sunday, October 27, 2019

Proposal: Rogue State [Special Case]

Reached quorum 5 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 29 Oct 2019 09:37:27 UTC

Set the Special Case rule “The Traitor” to active.

In it, replace “The Traitor’s identity in the current dynasty is tracked privately by the UNSG.” with:-

The Traitor’s identity in the current dynasty is tracked privately by the UNSG, and the UNSG should not share this information with EMs other than the Traitor.

Was wondering why the UNSG set this inactive at the start of the dynasty. If it’s because a UNSG with no Dynastic Distance and skin in the game can shout “no, don’t trust Bob!” if the Traitor is about to lead an action against the UNSG, we can have a clause discouraging that (and could probably do with one anyway).



10-27-2019 16:57:42 UTC

Using this first comment for self-publicity.

I’ve mentioned it before in a past dynasty, if I’m the Traitor I won’t perform as it (because I’ve never won Conventionally and all of my victories are Pool or Scams, so I value Pools a lot).

I added it to my profile too, if it helps.

That aside, Greentick.


10-27-2019 18:00:29 UTC



10-28-2019 03:48:15 UTC

I’m fine either way.  imperial


10-28-2019 08:11:38 UTC



10-29-2019 01:09:38 UTC

imperial I set it inactive at the beginning because I was hoping people would emphasize cooperative dealmaking, which gets harder if there’s a traitor around. But treaties have circumvented that worry, since the dealmaking can be done that way.


10-29-2019 03:01:47 UTC

That’s a large claim! At first appearance it seems likely, but what do Treaties do to make dealmaking easier? Who would vote in a public alliance Treaty that they weren’t a part of?

Kevan: HE/HIM

10-29-2019 09:09:22 UTC

[pokes] I think dealmaking just becomes more interesting, if there’s a chance of defection. It requires a bit more deduction, and some minor quid pro quo to show that you both means business.

And actually, since the Traitor rule came in in July, every dynasty has been won by pooling. But the endgame of the last dynasty would certainly have been more boring as “Kevan and Pokes teamed up without question because strong social norms discouraged either of them from defecting”.