Friday, August 03, 2018

Proposal: Roll Out

Became popular 6 to 0. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 03 Aug 2018 16:34:42 UTC

Make a new rule titled “Roles”

Roles allow a Mortal to perform their corresponding Role action. The Role actions and which Roles they belong to are in the following list:
* Laborer - Decrease your EP and HP by 1 to increase your Age by 1.
* Warrior - Increase your Age by 30, decrease your EP and HP by 10 to gain 1 IP.
* Scholar - Increase your Age by 50 to gain 1 IP.
* Mystic - Spend 50 EP to gain 1 IP.

Replace the last bullet in Time Reaper with

*The Immortal rolls DICE50 for every Mortal with an Age above 50; if their Age is greater than or equal to 50 plus the die result, that Mortal dies.
* Reincarnate each dead Mortal.

I’m still not quite sure what to do about the automatic time reaper thing I set up. Right now it says I have to do something at 00:00:00 UTC and I just can’t reliably be here at that time. I know derrick is concerned about the state of the game if I were to control when the reaping happens, is there a compromise I’m missing?



08-03-2018 08:07:23 UTC

Haven’t read Derrick’s concerns. Is it that an automatic midnight update is better than a variable Immortal update because it gives a first-move advantage to whoever is awake at midnight (which, timezones aside, players have some control over) rather than whoever is awake when the Immortal makes the update (which instead requires luck)?

It’s not too late to move the game towards private action-selection, if that’s something you’d be happy to moderate. (Players submit their daily actions to the Immortal via private message, and Reaping includes a step of applying all those actions.)



08-03-2018 08:37:32 UTC

for I support Kevan’s idea, but I think there aren’t any problems with the Emperor having control over game events - they should be impartial, barring a meta-alliance with another player, and that falls outside Fair Play IMO.


08-03-2018 09:17:17 UTC

(Haven’t seen Derrick’s concerns, I mean, back there. I checked proposal comments but couldn’t find anything.)

Of course, as it stands there’s no reason why the person taking the Reaping action has to be the Immortal - letting any Mortal do it removes the luck aspect and brings it back to timezones. And we could vary it from midnight, from Reap to Reap, so that it’s not always the same zone of players getting in first.


08-03-2018 10:40:16 UTC



08-03-2018 13:04:01 UTC



08-03-2018 13:30:00 UTC

The original proposal had the Immortal able to “Tick” at his sole digression. This could be abused to disadvantage one player by hurrying play along while one player is winning and slowing down.

My original statement was in the first version of the proposal:

“I’m a touch uncomfortable about the amount of power the Immortal has through the timing of ticks.”


I do think making it a daily action, or a daily action not performable on weekends, is a good fix. A wandering trigger time may be interesting,but I suspect it will be more trouble than its worth.


08-03-2018 15:44:12 UTC

Note: right now a scholar could gain an arbitrary amount of IP by rapidly increasing their age before the next tick. the fixes to this are varied, and not urgent, but should be remembered.

Yes, I just said “Rapidly increasing their age”


08-03-2018 16:10:12 UTC

[derrick] how about not having enough vitality/life force/energy (represented by EP) for your Age prevents you from performing certain actions or even any actions at all? (Dynastic ones of course)
Also the original one had them happen M W F during the week, so it wasn’t entirely to my choice when they were posted.

[Kevan] I would be fine moderating them; however last time I checked, the timestamps in the private messages didn’t quite match up to UTC time. It’s probably as simple as changing some localization setting in EE though. Also having all of the actions done via pm removes activity from the blog and probably makes it seem less active to other players than it already is.
I’m still considering the automatic one that anybody can update. Maybe they could each happen 25 hours after each other and that way they would vary naturally.


08-03-2018 16:14:06 UTC

[card] EP for each is interesting. Triggering death at a certain age may also work.

The original concern wasn’t enough to prevent me voting for. I’d actually be satisfied with a promise that the Immortal won’t intentionally manipulate the reaping to benefit a specific mortal.