Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Proposal: Rose Array

Vetoed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Aug 2021 17:06:29 UTC

Amend “Once per Cycle, a Worker can Submit a Report and gain 2 Cogs per Client that is Satisfied with them.” to

Once per Cycle, a Worker can Submit a Report and gain per Client the following if that Client is Satisfied with them at that moment:
- Masses: 2 Cogs
- Elite: 2 Cogs
- Vatican: A Thing called Rosary (syn. “Rosary”)

Create a new rule called “The First Box”:

There exists a cube-like thing with “Blognomic”, “1” and a circular logo on it, forever traveling on a holy conveyor belt called “The First Box”.

Privately tracked by the Factory is The Truth, which is text. The Factory can change The Truth to any text if the First Box hasn’t been Opened yet. A Worker can spend three Rosaries and make a Story Post that clearly states that they open the First Box and remove its holy tape seal, to Open the First Box. When this happens, the Factory shall make a CfJ that attempts to add to the Ruleset a new rule titled “The Unboxed Truth” with The Truth as its text. Workers should vote FOR this CfJ if it contains nothing that would immensely threaten the normal functioning of Blognomic.

A Worker can spend a Rosary to Pray and privately request to the Factory the contents of The Truth. The Factory shall reply to such a request privately with the text of The Truth. A Worker can spend a Rosary to gain 2 Cogs.

Feel free to Veto if you’re not up for this, Jumble. Leaving the Masses and Elite at just 2 Cogs for now, but I think it would be cool if they had their own unique rewards too.



11-08-2021 17:31:33 UTC

This would allow a hypothetical conspiracy of Cuddlebeam and Jumble to completely take over the nomic. I don’t think such a conspiracy exists, nor that it’s likely to exist. However, I nonetheless don’t want to take the risk.


11-08-2021 17:38:58 UTC

OK, added use of a CfJ to serve as a safety check of what’s being added.


11-08-2021 18:42:26 UTC

Another issue – Jumble could just change what The Truth is immediately after someone requests its contents, so the “Rosary to see what’s up here” rule is somewhat useless.

It should probably lock The Truth from changing after the first player requests it.

(I’m not a huge fan of the mechanic regardless – I remember that on a previous occasion something like this was tried, the Emperor used it to reverse the victory condition, effectively making all the gameplay up to that point pointless. It’s hard to think of a hidden twist that’s satisfying and makes the dynasty better.)


11-08-2021 21:08:23 UTC


Trapdoorspyder: he/him

11-08-2021 21:27:07 UTC

against I’d rather not.

Lulu: she/her

11-08-2021 22:58:30 UTC

veto i didn’t turn off dynastic distance for nothing

Lulu: she/her

11-08-2021 22:58:53 UTC

flavor is cool though

Kevan: City he/him

12-08-2021 08:37:27 UTC

What does “i didn’t turn off dynastic distance for nothing” mean - that “a hypothetical conspiracy of Cuddlebeam and Jumble to completely take over the nomic” could have happened here under the way you’re playing this dynasty, and you’re giving us a heads up to be more careful in future?

Josh: he/they

12-08-2021 08:56:01 UTC

I’ll also add that “There exists a cube-like thing” uses the existing keyword Thing very casually. If the play there was to wait a week and then casually propose an expensive-but-attainable “create one of any Thing” machine then Citizen Kane clap dot gif, but this is also your notice that I’m into you

Lulu: she/her

12-08-2021 10:41:33 UTC

[Kevan] something along those lines, I think.  The only thing I really want to use as Emperor is the increased sway on votable matters.  Aside from that, I’m just another Worker, albeit one who is probably unable to win because they already are Emperor.

Lulu: she/her

12-08-2021 10:52:27 UTC

Also, I’m going to say this right now.

I am rejecting all pool requests.  There’s not really a way to pool now, but hey, futureproofing.

Kevan: City he/him

12-08-2021 11:01:33 UTC

Good to know! Does make sense that we should probably give you a way to “win” at some point, to get you into the game, and that The Truth would conflict with that.