Thursday, May 24, 2018

Proposal: Row Row Row Your Boat

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Adminned at 26 May 2018 02:29:21 UTC

In the Rule “Hunt”


The maneuver of a Hunt is equal to the number of Sailors that join it divided by 3 and rounded down


The maneuver of an Hunt is equal to the number of sailors that join it holding oars.


Flanking [1 Maneuver Energy]: The boat gets around the Fast-Fish, putting it in a more vulnerable position. Lower its Speed by 1.


Flanking [1 Maneuver Energy]: The boat attempts to get around the Fast-Fish, putting it in a more vulnerable position. Roll a DICE4: if you roll a number higher than the Fast-Fish’s Danger, you lower its speed by 1.

After “equal to that Hunt’s Maneuver and Power”

at the time the encounter starts,

Gives more Maneuver energy, but makes each bit less powerful. Should allow more sailors to act.
Makes attacking and maneuvering more equivalent: each one makes the other easier. You trust yourself to get closer to an animal that’s less dangerous.


Kevan: City he/him

24-05-2018 13:17:49 UTC

You’re swapping “Hunt” for “Encounter” in a way that doesn’t really make sense in the first amendment, and which probably breaks Encounters (unlike Hunts, Sailors never explicitly “join” Encounters, they are only “at” them).

More generally, items seem like a bit of a meaningless dance of remembering to swap to the right one immediately before taking an action, at the moment. Requiring the use of Oars for maximum efficiency (and only at the time you join a Hunt, at which point you can swap back to something else) might as well be a straight head count that spares everyone the swapping around.

derrick: he/him

24-05-2018 14:02:43 UTC

Fixed the hunt.

Sailors probably shouldn’t be able to swap items during the hunt.

Alternatively, the items are only counted when the hunt starts. Right Energy does weird things because it “Starts” equal to a changing value in the hunt, and then is altered by actions. So is the “start” value equal to the current hunt number or to the past hunt number?

Actually, this is a great place to fix that.


24-05-2018 14:27:02 UTC

Actually, this proposal would allow for less maximum energy:

Now, when you have X sailors holding harpoons, you get X power and X/3 maneuver. (for a 4/3*X combined energy)

If this passes, you’d get at most X power and maneuver combined.

More importantly, a creature would be impossible to defeat if it had danger 4+ and speed 5. (and such creatures have a pretty good chance of being generated)


24-05-2018 14:33:15 UTC

Oh actually a creature can’t have more than 4 danger, but my point’s valid anyways.


24-05-2018 15:47:23 UTC

against if we could hold more than one item I’d consider voting FOR

Kevan: City he/him

24-05-2018 16:00:38 UTC

against No-brainer paperwork (swapping to an Oar when you declare that you’re joining the hunt then immediately swapping back) seems like a bad thing for gameplay - we’ve already had two Sailors neglect to join a Hunt by forgetting to increase Hunger, and things get worse if a keen Sailor forgetting to bring an Oar actively harms the Hunt, and can’t be taken back.

It’s probably worth working towards a model where the Item you’re holding is a way of announcing what you’re going to do when the next Log happens.


24-05-2018 18:06:45 UTC



24-05-2018 19:28:24 UTC

Just to note that it could’ve been a bluff! Although, neglect seems just as likely too.

Lulu: she/her

25-05-2018 02:14:54 UTC


Brendan: he/him

25-05-2018 14:58:03 UTC