Friday, March 30, 2018

Story Post: Royal Concern #3S

Finally, nqeron I have got this criminal, Grynk, under my watch. Would you please watch over them while I call for the court?

if it isn’t obvious, I’m glaring at nqeron



03-30-2018 17:46:09 UTC

I’m going to first move to the right by one.

I left Grynk in the garden to be watched by ElMarko.


03-30-2018 18:06:37 UTC

My bad, I ;eft Grynk in front of a window with ElMarko.


03-30-2018 23:15:21 UTC

I’ll move up first


03-30-2018 23:23:36 UTC

We were watching the dance trough the window, Sire, and I got distracted. It’s obviously Cuddlebeam’s fault for dancing so *ahem* interestingly.