Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rule Misfire

Given that we just started a new dynasty, the rule “Joint Owners” has self-repealed.

Welcome to Nomic, Galtori.



05-18-2011 04:04:11 UTC

Ok, I guess you want Galtori to be able to win.  That’s really all that rule was doing in the first place.


05-18-2011 08:28:22 UTC

It’s maybe a good thing that Bucky noticed and activated this now, rather than having another admin somehow exploit it mid-dynasty. We can obviously repropose it.


05-18-2011 16:42:50 UTC

If y’all want me to win, I’m ok with that. I just thought it would be polite to keep myself from winning, seeing as how I can make changes to the gardens AND know the plot that Yoda and I set up. But if you want to shoot yourself in the foot, that’s fine with me.


05-18-2011 16:44:42 UTC

Well, didn’t see that we can’t make changes. But I still felt that it was unfair for me to be able to win. But still, your call.


05-18-2011 17:26:35 UTC

That didn’t worry me as much as the possibility that Yoda might repeal that rule right before you would win.