Friday, May 06, 2011

Rules & Co. - Shareholder Meeting: Replace Management

New Businness plan:

Add (X/5+DICE10-5)*50
Where X is the number of enacted Dynastic Proposals in the last 48 hours.

If the Marked does not approve this Plan, please say it here, before we enact the proposal spending 100.



05-06-2011 16:42:27 UTC

for 20


05-06-2011 17:47:44 UTC

“The body of the post must specify which Investors (including the Market) have Shares in the Corporation and how many (this is the “Record Date Information”)”


05-06-2011 19:37:26 UTC

Doesn’t this have a positive expectation even with no proposals passing? That seems a little out of flavour.


05-06-2011 20:09:09 UTC

The expected value is 25 without the proposals.  But there’s a bigger problem: what constitutes a “Dynastic Proposal”?


05-06-2011 21:16:59 UTC

A dynstic prop is defined by the glossary, I’m pretty sure.
all the current Corporations have positive expectations. Said that, I wanted to give it a negative exp with no proposals, but that would have meant giving more weight to the X factor, and many people losing their mind.


05-07-2011 02:54:36 UTC

Oh, ok.  I see the glossary definition.  But this still isn’t even a legal Shareholder Meeting because it doesn’t have the Record Date Information.