Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Declaration of Victory: Run for the Forrest

Acheived Quorum 8 to 0 at 12 hours with no dissenting votes and with the Historian voting FOR. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 01 Aug 2018 18:53:11 UTC

The Harbour, the Hidden Secret-Holders and The Wilderness are Ruins.
Native Tribe, Elitist Forrest, Swamp, the Red Plains, and the Far Island are Cities.

I have 5 infamy and 28 glory for 33 legacy, more than any other Wizard, and have achieved victory.



08-01-2018 06:30:32 UTC



08-01-2018 06:47:17 UTC

Whaaat, so quick for

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-01-2018 08:04:47 UTC

Close one! I was expecting you to pull into a tied position by taking the Native Tribe with a Swirly Red, based on the cards you had yesterday, but Renaissance was a very fortunate draw there.

Good work (presumably) cutting a deal with Card not to knock you out of the immediate running by supporting negative Infamy, and for apparently standing down generally, given that they were in a very strong tiebreaker position by frequently getting to be Dealer and to react first to each draw.


And a moment of silence for this dynasty passing without a “card/Card” scam.

derrick: HE/HIM

08-01-2018 12:28:52 UTC


Nicely done. I kind of was rooting for the “funniest” ending, that of Card winning the card game, but he had a strong assist, so that’s appropriate.

derrick: HE/HIM

08-01-2018 12:30:10 UTC

As a note, I count 11 infamy, because you don’t halve it until you add it to legacy. Not that it matters.


08-01-2018 13:23:56 UTC



08-01-2018 14:14:23 UTC



08-01-2018 15:32:42 UTC

Oh heck! I was in the lead for a while there. I guess it only took one day of not checking blognomic to lose my lead. :P



08-01-2018 17:26:11 UTC


“And a moment of silence for this dynasty passing without a “card/Card” scam.”

IKR lol