Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Proposal: “Salve. Dei te Audire voces mei quod adserviam Prudentiam invenire.”

12-1, timed out, reaches quorum.

Less than five of the comments contain “Monks are fast”, so the fitness goes down to ten.

-Elias IX

Adminned at 07 Apr 2006 15:48:35 UTC

This proposal has no effect if integrity is not defined in the ruleset.

Add a new rule, named Guests:

If there is a Porter, the Abbot may create a Guest at any time by making a post and specifying the Guest‘s identity. The Porter may then Accompany the Guest by adding its name to the ‘Accompanying’ column in the GNDT while e is in the Entrance Room or in a doorway directly beneath it. Each Monk may Accompany any Guest Accompanied by any other Monk by moving its name from that Monk to emself in the GNDT, provided both Monks are in the same location. Additionally, the Porter may force another Monk in eir Location to accompany a Guest e’s accompanying in the same manner. Whenever a Monk Accompanies a Guest, e must reply to the post made by the Abbot for that Guest with a for icon.

If a Guest’s Goal is accomplished, the Porter shall be awarded 2 integrity in addition to any reward specified below, and the Guest shall be removed from the GDNT, unless otherwise specified. If a Guest’s Goal isn’t fulfilled within 48 hours since its creation, that Guest will be removed from the GDNT, and both the Porter and the Monk accompanying the Guest shall lose 4 integrity, unless the Porter was accompanying the Guest, in which case e loses only 5 integrity.

If two Guests would have the same name, add to the name of the most recently added one a number so this isn’t the case.

The current possible Guests, as well as their goals and the rewards for accomplishing them, are listed below:

*Tourist: When a Tourist is created, the Abbot must add to its name a Location. A Tourist’s goal is to get to that location (Or for the Monk accompanying it to reach it). When the Tourist’s goal is fulfilled, each Monk that has accompanied it receives Integrity equal to the amount of Monks that have accompanied the Tourist.

Create a GNDT column titled ‘Accompanying’.

Unless more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Monks are fast”,Set each Monk’s Fitness to 10, and change the amount of Fitness Monks start with to 10 (in the ruleset). Set the Abbot’s Fitness to 30.

I hope this is somewhat comprehensible.


Angry Grasshopper:

04-05-2006 15:59:08 UTC


Useful method for introducing non-player monks. I think if we pass this I will propose an amendment to allow the Abbot to propose Guests and Goals on the fly, so as not to clutter up the ruleset.

Angry Grasshopper:

04-05-2006 15:59:44 UTC

Or just general visitors, too.


04-05-2006 16:31:36 UTC



04-05-2006 16:37:48 UTC

against Monks are fast


04-05-2006 17:13:07 UTC

Heh, I’ve mixed up my Greek and Latin. Dei = “It’s imperative (that +  a.c.i.) for the latinists among you.


04-05-2006 17:14:00 UTC



04-05-2006 17:22:00 UTC



04-05-2006 18:23:14 UTC

for Oh, and:
“Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”
-1 Peter, 4:9


04-05-2006 19:39:58 UTC


Luke, 19:7:

And when they saw it, they all murmured, saying, That he was gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner.

Elias IX:

04-05-2006 19:46:54 UTC


And ye shall say unto the goodman of the house, The Master saith unto thee, Where is the guestchamber, where I shall eat the passover with my disciples?

-Luke 22:11


04-05-2006 20:08:09 UTC


“Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”
-1 Peter, 4:9


04-05-2006 20:33:02 UTC

for moks are fast.
AND “Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”
-1 Peter, 4:9

Thank you, Quazie.


04-05-2006 21:40:20 UTC

for Monks are fast, not moks.


04-06-2006 00:17:17 UTC

for monks are fast.


04-06-2006 15:40:10 UTC

And it said, Behold, the days come, that I will begin to draw nigh, and to visit them that dwell upon the earth. (2 Esdras, 6:18)


04-06-2006 19:08:40 UTC



04-06-2006 22:32:39 UTC

Quorum plus lots.