Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Ascension Address: Sand of Time

Time passes, seasons change.

A small boat arrives carrying a band of travelers to a cluster of Islands on the Great Sea. Finding the largest one, full of green foliage and friendly animal life, they row their boat ashore and setup a small camp.

Time passes, seasons change.

Using the natural rocks found in the cliff faces of the Island, and wood grown from its many trees the travelers turn their camp into a small town. Houses and shops are built. More travelers arrive as the town starts to grow.

Time passes, seasons change.

More travelers arrive. The town continues to grow. Awed by the natural beauty of the Island, the travelers construct a large monastery atop the Island’s highest cliff. A holy order of devote followers is established to maintain the monastery.

Time passes, seasons change.

Disaster strikes. A large storm hits, destroying much of the town on the lower part of the Island. Only the monastery is protected due to its firm construction and higher location. While the residents are able to find protection in the monastery, the thought of rebuilding is
daunting for many. A few stay, others join the monastery, but many set out for a new life.

Time passes, seasons change.

The monastery is the only thing remaining on the Island. The monks that run it lead a simple life free of outside influences, able to grow their own food. Using the gems found in the natural caves on the Island they are able to make exquisite works of art, which they can trade with passing merchant ships for the other resources they need.

Time passes, seasons change.

Remove all dynastic rules. Replace Gaia with Abbot. Replace Island/Islands with Monk/Monks.

Deactivate Imperial Deferentials and the Traitor.

Actually think it might be fun to activate the Traitor for this dynasty, but I want to wait until others join


Raven1207: he/him

20-10-2020 16:10:28 UTC


Kevan: he/him

21-10-2020 19:29:07 UTC

The Traitor rule doesn’t require one to be picked straight away (otherwise we’d all know for sure that anyone joining the game late wasn’t the Traitor).