Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Story Post: Scaring Card

First, I change my costume to “Spoopy Supperhero” and them I spend one treat to go to the Police Station. I role to get tricks: I got a 2 and a 1; then on the same treat I go to the Sidewalk, then pay 1 more to sneak into the Joneses. I pay a trick to scare that location: Card drops all his items & 5 treats, which I, after discarding my costume, pick up.



01-11-2017 01:37:19 UTC

you forgot that the joneses scare you as well


01-11-2017 01:40:37 UTC

oh wait I guess they wouldn’t become scarees since they have a higher value


01-11-2017 01:48:28 UTC

shoot I was going off of the costume’s trick value, ambiguous wording in that rule