Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Proposal: Scarrr Tissue

Vetoed by Elias IX. Failed by Angry Grasshopper.

Adminned at 19 Jan 2006 16:24:53 UTC

If Cutlasses for Everybody and Pieces of Eight both passed, add a penultimate paragraph to the “Swashbuckling” rule:-

If the winner of a Duel rolled a double, they have scarred, gouged or crippled their opponent - the victim gains 1 Style.


The Lone Amigo:

01-18-2006 10:22:26 UTC



01-18-2006 11:34:41 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

01-18-2006 13:13:02 UTC

Arr, ya wanna play rough, do ye?



01-18-2006 17:32:42 UTC

against Avaast.  If GPS gets above two or three, the odds of rolling doubles on at least two of the dice rapidly approaches one.

We wouldn’t want a ship full of scarred and becrippled people—that’s not stylish, just fit for the pirates’ retirement home


01-18-2006 17:37:39 UTC

I understand the desire to soften the effects of losing a duel, but losing a duel isn’t stylish.  In fact, there’s nothing preventing a Swashbuckler with 0 GPS from challenging multiple others with much higher GPS, just for the Style gain.  Yuck.  I was kind of hoping the primary method of gaining Style would be through accumulation of booty (as originally proposed). against .  Does “rolled a double” mean that any 2 of the X dice that the winner rolled came up the same?  This would be 81% of the time for X=4 and 100% if X>5.

Elias IX:

01-18-2006 22:41:42 UTC



01-19-2006 00:09:04 UTC

against Scarrrs should be gained in battle, not duels.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-19-2006 00:10:49 UTC

Ye want some battle, matey?


01-19-2006 02:38:02 UTC

Perhaps I should have been a bit more flowery in the rule text - being wounded in a duel means that you get to have an impressive scar, or an eyepatch, or a wooden leg, which is the sort of thing that makes a pirate piratical.

The doubles are maybe a bit off, but “No Swashbuckler may Duel another Swashbuckler whose GPS is zero.” cuts both ways for the loss-scamming.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-19-2006 03:04:10 UTC

I still think all’s good, mates. If style gets out of hand, we can add a game mechanism to reduce it.

I had hoped that average GPS would be less than six—if it isn’t, then as Excalabur points out we’d best fix something.


01-19-2006 03:29:17 UTC



01-19-2006 10:00:40 UTC

against It’l will spam the GNDT with DICE5 DICE5 DICE5 DICE5 DICE5 DICE5 DICE5…


01-19-2006 22:37:45 UTC


Elias IX:

01-19-2006 23:29:03 UTC

veto I’ll rewrite based on the differences between GPS out of a DICE6, if that’s fine.

The way it works now, I, as your Captain, will end up having less Style then most of ye. Shouldn’t the Captain be the most stylish?

If this seems an illegal veto, I promise not to do it again.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-19-2006 23:58:21 UTC

Illegal veto?

This is an illegal veto.