Saturday, March 14, 2009

Call for Judgment: Scene correction

Timed out 3 votes to 4, after four days. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 18 Mar 2009 16:38:19 UTC

Kevan, Influenza, and Gnauga have recently attempted to create Scenes, but these scenes have not followed the format required in the rules.

Attempts to create Scenes that do not follow the format prescribed by the ruleset shall count as comments. They shall not count as Scenes for any purposes. Comments that are not Scenes cannot retroactively become Scenes.

Influenza’s bodies would be reduced to 0 by this ruling. He could, at any time, fix this by posting a new, valid Scene using his previous roll.



03-14-2009 22:59:38 UTC



03-14-2009 23:00:34 UTC

for Yeah, this is how I see the invalid creations as working. Maybe in the future this should be put into the Ruleset by Proposal to clear up ambiguity.


03-14-2009 23:00:54 UTC

This doesn’t really work. It needs to be a proposal to change things that happen in the future. I’ll propose it.  against


03-14-2009 23:17:50 UTC

It would work, but it may not be the most expedient on the retroactive part. That bit should probably be in the Ruleset.


03-15-2009 04:02:30 UTC

As I haven’t read them, or reread the rules that passed for that matter, I’ll hold my vote for now


03-15-2009 12:15:00 UTC

against Redundant. If a Scene didn’t follow the correct format, it isn’t a Scene.

If any Scripter is benefitting from a Bodies count they shouldn’t have claimed because they didn’t create a legal Scene, just point out their mistake and reduce it. We should only gather round for a CfJ if two players actually disagree.


03-15-2009 16:37:30 UTC

against because I can’t figure out what would happen if it passed.


03-15-2009 17:15:37 UTC

Kevan, I made this CfJ because, after I set Influenza’s Bodies back to 0, he reset it to his illegal number. This was a while ago, and I think everyone understands the issue now. It followed the format you described; his action implied that he disagreed with me, so I CfJ’ed it.

All that would happen, at this point, is that this would be a precedent for the future. . . .


03-15-2009 19:00:52 UTC



03-15-2009 19:49:43 UTC

Qwaz, I did not reset my bodies count, it was like that when I logged on this morning, in any case, I’ve redone my scene now, so that should be okay.


03-17-2009 14:15:15 UTC

I think I need to write my own scene.  imperial


03-17-2009 14:36:20 UTC

Just so you know, gill_smoke, deferential votes on CfJs don’t count. You can only vote yes or no.


03-18-2009 03:38:57 UTC

Or you can just choose to vote as the Producer does.  And then *tell* everyone it’s deferential. for