Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Schedule post 2021-01-12

Yesterday the following took place:

,* CHARMELEON successfully emerged from the portal.
* Both of Coderblaze’s attacks on CHARMANDER were deflected. Coderblaze was hit by CHARMANDER’s EM weapon and was blocked from making new attacked until 04h00 this morning. CHARMANDER’s Acid Blood splattered onto a nearby urban centre, killing 269,549.
* Bucky’s attack on BLASTOISE was deflected.
* CHARMANDER completed its attack on a civilian target. 962,010 people were killed.
* Raven1207 was struck by an attack from BLASTOISE. BLASTOISE’s attack of 39 comfortably overwhelmed Raven’s defences, causing their shell to be destroyed. BLASTOISE then moved into position for and fully prepared an attack on a military target.

Today, CHARMANDER is preparing an attack on a military target; it stopped moving at 00h30 and prepared its attack until 01h15. The attack itself is not expected to land on its target (coderblaze) today. BLASTOISE will attack a military target, forecast to be Raven1207, at 16h45. CHARMELEON will attack a civilian target at 23h37.


Raven1207: HE/HIM

01-12-2021 20:26:54 UTC

Ok. Let me fix Ansible Hangar then


01-12-2021 22:38:45 UTC

Double check your CHARMANDER actions, please; I don’t think it’s possible for a single Bogey to deflect an attack of power 15, splash Acid Blood and apply an EM weapon unless I’m missing some way to gain special features and/or defense.


01-13-2021 08:56:05 UTC

Thanks, you are right: the attack on vector 15 was in fact evaded, not deflected.

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