Friday, January 15, 2021

Schedule post 2021-01-15

Yesterday at 14h00 Pilot Coderblaze’s attack on BLASTOISE on vector 27 was evaded. Bucky’s attacks were all deflected by CHARMELEON and CHARMANDER. All three targets are still upright and in the field. BLASTOISE subsequently shook off its stun and resumed its movement.

Today is expected to be quiet; CHARMANDER will cease to be stunned at 06h16 this morning, but BLASTOISE and CHARMELEON will be preparing for attacks on their next targets (civilian and military, respectively) and neither is expected to complete before tomorrow.



15-01-2021 15:30:47 UTC

At 10:00 on January 16 I will attack BLASTOISE on attack vector 23 as a bombardment spending 4 extra power.
At 10:00 on January 16 I will attack CHARMELEON on attack vector 22.
At 10:00 on January 16 I will attack CHARMANDER on attack vector 22.


15-01-2021 16:23:33 UTC

Camera turret?

Josh: he/him

15-01-2021 19:37:42 UTC

CHARMELEON is an OPHANIM designation DEVA.


15-01-2021 22:13:46 UTC

Whelp, that makes another of Coderblaze’s attacks pointless (except to dump power)


16-01-2021 05:01:40 UTC

At 17:20 on January 16, I will attack CHARMELEON on Attack Vector 11 as a Bombardment spending 20 extra Power. My additional target for Cluster Munitions is BLASTOISE. Note the Camera Turret.