Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Schedule post 20-12-22

Yesterday, Pilot Bucky overtaxed his Shell, causing it to wipe out.

Nothing is scheduled for today.



22-12-2020 19:52:18 UTC

At 18:00 on December 23, I attack IVYSAUR with a Bombardment (spending 44 extra power) to achieve Attack Vector 27.


22-12-2020 19:59:29 UTC

I would like to also schedule an attack on the emerging Bogey, but unfortunately the current rules forbid this. Will propose a fix before seasonal downtime.


22-12-2020 20:35:44 UTC

Hmm, looks like the ID Code of an Emerging DEVA is supposed to be public as well, but they aren’t Bogeys yet so they can’t be targeted by ID in a firing attempt.