Friday, October 10, 2014

Proposal: Scoring pretends to be instantaneous

Times out and passes, 4-0.  Adminning was delayed to let the current Shooting post resolve. -Bucky

Adminned at 14 Oct 2014 18:12:56 UTC

Change the contents of the rule ” The Method of Scoring” to

The number of Scores a Player has is tracked in the GNDT and defaults to 0.

The offense Player who has the Ball may Shoot by making a blog post (known as a Shooting post) entitled “Shooting.” For 48 hours after a Shooting post has been made, certain players may roll a die based on their role at the time the Shooting Post was made: The Shooting Player may roll a DICE5; any assisting player may roll a DICE15; the Goalkeeper may roll a DICE40; and any non-assisting defense player may roll a DICE6. Any Player who rolls a die for this purpose must post the result in a comment to the Shooting post along with a description of the player’s role in shooting (shooter, assisting player, Goalkeeper, defensive player). Such a comment is known as a Play. Once at least 48 hours have passed since the Shooting Post, the Coach comments with the sum of the rolls from the shooter and the assisting players, along with the sum of the rolls from the goalkeeper and the non-assisting defense players. The set of players whose rolls contributed to the larger sum all receive one score; if the scores are tied, no players receive a score.

Immediately after a player Shoots, the ball becomes Out of Play.

Improvements to game flow: rather than effectively stopping play for 48 hours, but letting later actions affect the result, play picks up immediately after shooting but we sort out the dice later based on what the state was when the shot happened.



10-11-2014 01:53:51 UTC


This is better than the fix I had in mind.


10-11-2014 05:36:31 UTC



10-11-2014 20:12:23 UTC



10-12-2014 07:40:29 UTC

Supposing this is enacted before the current Shooting post is closed, how should that Shooting post be resolved?


10-12-2014 15:15:56 UTC

I think all formerly valid Plays would stay valid, but it would otherwise resolve under the new rules.

Regardless, I’d suggest not adminning this until the Shooting post has resolved (as it times out before this proposal).


10-14-2014 23:03:29 UTC