Friday, July 18, 2008

Scouting Party Needed

Requirements - none
Available Space - 3
Start Time - 20/07/08 0:00:00 (UTC)
Length - Not Known
Purpose - This party will be sent to find out what this mysterious place is.
Rewards - 10 XP and 10 gold pieces
Penalties - 15 gold pieces
Other - If you decide to join this party, you will need to keep your wits about you because there is no telling what could be around the next corner.  The Chosen One is highly encouraged to join.



07-18-2008 15:16:23 UTC

Count me in…



07-18-2008 16:55:37 UTC

I can’t join yet, not until I pass this test, right? Otherwise Count me in.


07-18-2008 17:14:28 UTC

Count me in

Though why is this party starting August 7th 2009?


07-18-2008 18:06:26 UTC

Count me in.

That is, if Chivalrybean can’t join.


07-18-2008 19:21:04 UTC

We should make a rule that rivals can’t be in the same adventuring party.


07-18-2008 19:39:38 UTC

Agreed.  That sounds like a fair idea.


07-18-2008 22:42:35 UTC

Ok.  Rodlen, Clucky, and Amnistar have joined and the task has begun.  Sorry, but I don’t have time right now to start you guys off.  I should be able to get you at least started in a few hours

Oh, and Chiv, that’s correct.  You must pass the test before you can join any parties.


07-18-2008 23:34:57 UTC

Thog Smash Yoda!


07-18-2008 23:56:10 UTC

I disguise myself as a man known as Nale, and give Thog a puppy.


07-19-2008 00:05:07 UTC

Thog like puppy.


07-19-2008 05:21:41 UTC

Now that Thog is sufficiently distracted…

You step through the opening to find yourself standing between a large rocky outcropping that holds the cave and the edge of a dense forest.  The sun is entirely unobstructed by clouds, but it is still quite dark underneath the trees.

You notice a small, obscure path into the forest, so you decide to follow it.  After a few twists and turns, the path mysteriously vanishes and you have no idea where you are or which way to go to return back to the cave.  The darkness is beginning to overwhelm you as you contemplate what to do.


07-19-2008 05:22:40 UTC

Thog Hungry.


07-19-2008 15:51:11 UTC

I look at my amulet.


07-19-2008 16:23:50 UTC

It is an amulet with a strange shape and an inscription on the back that is in a strange language that you have never seen before.

As you pull it out, it glistens in the ever-shrinking sunlight.  All of a sudden, the trees start to tremble, the sky opens up above you, and a path is made clear before you.  You put the amulet back and continue down the path.

You eventually come to a small encampment of humans.  You decide to stay just inside the treeline to avoid being detected.  One of you must try to converse with the humans without scaring them.

Nominate someone to try to converse with them.


07-19-2008 17:46:29 UTC

I nominate myself, as I have the best social stat of anyone here.


07-19-2008 17:46:44 UTC

Anyone against that?


07-19-2008 19:08:54 UTC

Humans no like Thog.

Thog play with puppy?


07-19-2008 21:56:59 UTC

Sure, Thog.


07-19-2008 23:11:18 UTC

Other Yoda steps out of the treeline, trying to look as unassuming as elven rogueishly possible.  He walks up to one of the humans and tries to strike up a conversation.

Rodlen: DICE5:5 Human: DICE4:3
You successfully interact with a human.

The humans catches a glint of sunshine off of his amulet and asks him what it is.  As he takes it off and holds it in his hands, the human gasps with amazement:

“Is that what I think that is?!?  Come with me, quickly!”

He follows the human through a small town with building made of several different primitive materials to a relatively large buiding made of wooden logs.  Inside sits another human of obviously higher authority than the former.

“What have you found this time?” asks the latter with a tone of annoyed disdain.  As the first human holds up the amulet in front of the other, the second leaps out of his seat and exclaims, “By Jove, I think we’ve finally found it!  Great job, Tommy.  I will take it from here.”

The first human hands the amulet to the other human and runs out the door.

Other Yoda, who by now is standing completely befuddled in the middle of the room, asks, “So, what is it?”

“Oh, right.  Is this yours?”  Other Yoda nods his head.  “Well, in that case, I had better tell you.

“This is the key to the lost city of Atlantis.  The shape is the symbol of the god of their civilization, and the inscription is written in an ancient language known only by the elders of the Atlantian colony.  It will take me some time to translate it, though, since it is such an old and long-forgotten language.  Some say that this amulet will guide you to a door that leads to Atlantis.  Others say that this amulet will, when an old Atlantian chant is recited, magically teleport you to Atlantis.  Still others say that the amulet is simply an old artifact.

“As you can see, the true meaning behind the amulet is shrouded in mystery, but I am sure that once I translate the inscription on the back, we will know for sure what this amulet will do.  It should just take a few days, at the most.

“So, where did you come from anyway?”

Other Yoda responds, “I am actually with two others.  We came from a group of adventurers stationed in a small cave, but… we got lost on the way up here, so we don’t know how to get back.  Also, I think we are a little low on supplies.  Can you show us the way back and allow us to purchase supplies for our journey?  We will be glad to give you some of our gold pieces in return.”

“There are too many caves to count around here; I wouldn’t know which one you came from.  Sorry, but you can come back any time to trade with our people.  Oh, and here’s 30 gold pieces to help you out,” says the human as he hands Other Yoda 30 gold pieces.

“Thank you, kind sir,” says Other Yoda.  “I must be going now, though, or the others might start to worry.  Thank you and fairwell.”  Other Yoda walks out of the house and back through the streets of the town to where Thog and Yoda are waiting for him.

The three adventurers walk back down the path they came from, hoping it will lead back to the cave.  Miraculously, it does.

Mission accomplished.  This Party has succeeded.


07-19-2008 23:23:39 UTC

Rewards have been distributed and the Quest Journal has been updated.  I am going to unsticky this post now.


07-20-2008 02:35:47 UTC

My internet dies for a day and I miss all the action?

Very unblognomicy if you ask me =(

Nice job though, other yoda =P


07-20-2008 02:38:54 UTC

That’s ok.  At least you still got the reward.