Friday, November 16, 2007

Seance Results

The table is rumbling, the glass is moving…

Hix asked Aaronwinborn “Were you the Night Watchman when you died?”
Rodlen asked Spikebrennan “Do you think Tiberias is correct to doubt Hix’s trustworthiness?”
Oracular Rufio asked Chivalrybean “Have you been haunting someone we should know about?”
Brendan asked Aaronwinborn “Who should get your Gaol Keys?”



16-11-2007 20:13:47 UTC

In response to Rodlen’s question, the ghost of Spikebrennan answers “Yes”.


16-11-2007 20:23:25 UTC

With a swirl of soft light and the haunting of a dim melody from the beyond, you see a ethreal visage of Chivalrybean. His gaze looks across the room, his eyes straining as if looking through a glass darkly. His eyes stop, and he sees Oracular Rufio. His mouth opens, but does not move as if forming words. Dispite this, a singular word whispers out from the ghostly scene. “Brendan” he says. His eyes close and the swirling light fades. The haunting melody fades into silence, yet echos in the minds of those who heard.