Thursday, January 03, 2013

Proposal: Searching for Friendship

Times out 5-0 and is enacted. -scshunt

Adminned at 06 Jan 2013 04:58:08 UTC

To the rule “Infamy” after the section on Power scores add the text

Each Cult has a Secretiveness score. The Secretiveness score of a Cult is equal to the Power score of that cult times 3.

Change the first sentence the rule “Activity” to read

Each Believer is undertaking one Activity, which may be either “Studying”, “Searching” or “Other”

Add the following text to the end of the rule:

As a daily action that may only be taken on a Saturday, the Auspex should send a Private Message to each Believers whose Activity is “Searching”. The message should include the headquarters of a Cult who’s Secretiveness score is less than the Insight of each Believer, without revealing the name of the Cult.

As the Believers continued on their path of enlightenment and the end of the world, they were able to find subtle signs of the whereabouts of the Cults to which they frantically sought acceptance. However, it would take more than chance to find them. Nay, they had to outsmart these Cults and their Leaders to be able to conquer the secretiveness surrounding the locations of their Headquarters.



04-01-2013 00:33:10 UTC

I was thinking about something towards this end myself, but I like this formulation.  I would tweak some of the wording, but nothing major. for

RaichuKFM: she/her

04-01-2013 00:46:27 UTC



04-01-2013 02:54:44 UTC

If this proposal is enacted, I would be happy for an Admin to clean it up a bit. I couldn’t (and still can’t ) think of a better way to say “Secretiveness”


04-01-2013 02:56:06 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

04-01-2013 09:38:34 UTC

for No great harm in this since it probably won’t, as I read it, ever pay out - if it only affects Cults “who’s Secretiveness score is less than the Insight of each Believer”, the Obscure Cults won’t be revealed until every player has an Insight above zero.

But by having payout actions on adjacent days, you’re leaving only a small window for a player to switch from “Studying” to “Searching”.

[robo1995] Admins can only “correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes”.


04-01-2013 14:09:09 UTC

Is there any way to amend this before it goes into the Ruleset, or would I have to make a separate proposal after the possible passage of this one?

Kevan: Oracle he/him

04-01-2013 14:15:18 UTC

There is no such mechanism in the current ruleset - you would have to make a separate proposal.


04-01-2013 15:04:55 UTC

Can I do that while this one is still on the table?

Kevan: Oracle he/him

04-01-2013 15:20:38 UTC