Thursday, May 04, 2006

Second Dynasty?

To quote the Ruleset,

Each Dynasty has a single Abbot and is named according to the number of times which that Monk has been Abbot (or Abbot equivalent)

AngryGrasshopper has been Abbot twice: once during the Spaceship Dynasty and once during the Diety Dynasty, even though the Other won the latter.

Therefore, shouldn’t this be the Third Dynasty of Angry Grasshopper?




05-05-2006 14:40:02 UTC

No, because of the way that the rule was written for the other’s win. Basically, it counted as my ‘turn’ as abbot, not AG’s.  Therefore, this is eir 2nd Dynasty, and my Dynasty was my 2nd despite actually only being my first crack at theming.

Elias IX:

05-05-2006 20:35:21 UTC

Excalabur’s dynasty was my favorite, and possibly set my standards too high.