Saturday, March 10, 2007

Proposal: Secret GNDT Stats

“It has enough AGAINST votes that it could not be Enacted without one of those votes being changed.”—Clucky

Adminned at 11 Mar 2007 16:49:10 UTC

Add a rule to the Ruleset called “Secrets” and give it the following text:

Certain GNDT stats may be secret, but only where other Rules permit it.  Secret stats will be encrypted using the program found here.  The key is chosen by whoever first puts a value in that GNDT stat, and must be handed over to the Mastermind, who will in turn forward it to anyone authorized to read and/or modify that GNDT stat.

In the case where two different keys both result in legal interpretations of an encrypted value, the one whose password is held by the Mastermind is the correct one. i.e. no birthday attacks.



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03-10-2007 15:14:21 UTC

Do we actually have the encryption program ready? I’d like to see it before I vote.


03-10-2007 20:24:56 UTC

against Let’s get at least one executable program up and running before we settle on one that we find acceptable.


03-10-2007 22:25:02 UTC

I like the concept, but I’d want to see the program first


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03-11-2007 04:03:59 UTC

There’s a link to the source code on the word “here”.

If someone with the appropriate privileges would kindly set this up in the sidebar, it would make voting on this much easier.


03-11-2007 16:26:36 UTC

yea, I see the source code, but it doesn’t make sense to me :p.  I’d like to see it in action some before I vote for it.


03-11-2007 17:39:01 UTC

Well, actually, that’s no birthday attacks except by the person who first filled in the value.  Is the source code for the GNDT available anywhere?  It seems like making it keep hidden values might be better, but also more difficult. against


03-11-2007 19:09:34 UTC

against Because all this does is keeps people from looking at the values, unless you’re the first person to put in a value.  If you want to have “secret” fields, I’m more than willing to track them myself, I can keep them in the same place I keep affiliations.


03-11-2007 19:34:02 UTC

I’m pretty sure the source code is available, but how useful it will be depends. If you were trying to create certain values that are hidden except to certain players, it would be child’s play to an admin to find them out anyway. Now granted, I don’t think any of the admins would do such a thing, but it’s still possible.

If you were trying to modify the form to allow encryption of data before being sent to the GNDT, it would be possible, although I’m not sure if it actually be useful. GNDT   entries can only be so large, and thus there’s a limit to the amount of use we could get out of it. And if we only use it in this one dynasty, for one entry, I doubt it will be worth the work.

Also,  against. A pointer to an outside location, on a wiki no less, is a bad thing to have. I remember what happened way back in the Zeroth Dynasty of the Switch, when Chronos Phaenon edited said wiki in a victory attempt.


03-11-2007 20:43:11 UTC

against CoV


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