Sunday, May 21, 2017

Call for Judgment: Seems a little forced

Times out 1-2. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 23 May 2017 10:39:51 UTC

Change “Atomic Actions” to

When a Manager performs an Atomic Action, they must complete all its steps; they must complete them in order; and they may not take any other action defined in the Ruleset until all such steps are complete. In addition, the Manager performing an Atomic Action performs its steps as quickly as they are able.

For the purposes of determining the ordering or legality of game actions the time of an Atomic Action shall be the time that it is completed.

As per Sphinx’s suggestion. If someone is trying to stall on performing an Atomic Action then make a CfJ or something to resolve the issue.


Oracular rufio:

05-21-2017 07:13:58 UTC

This still has the problem that if something about it is illegal the whole thing is reverted, including any dice rolls.  We need to make it so that dice rolls can’t be redone.


05-21-2017 12:22:16 UTC

I’d prefer for the backbone of the game to be unambiguous, non-scammable, robust rules rather than needing to depend on CfJs.

Oracular rufio:

05-21-2017 15:54:29 UTC

We’re always going to need CFJS for uncooperative as shoes regardless of what we put in the ruleset.  We can say “you cant be an uncooperative asshole” all we want, but that won’t stop people from doing it anyway.


05-21-2017 17:05:44 UTC



05-22-2017 10:47:29 UTC



05-22-2017 20:49:49 UTC

I don’t think this has the problem with reverting dicerolls actually, since the reverting the whole action part is gone.

Only everything after an illegal step is redone. So you couldn’t exploit it by doing an illegal step after a diceroll you don’t like. Redoing illegal actions that included dicerolls should probably be addressed more in general, targeting all Actions.