Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Proposal: Service Award

Times out and fails 1-2 -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 14 Jul 2016 22:31:52 UTC

Add a new subrule to “Official Positions”.  Call it “[MSA] Multiple Service Award” and give it the following text:

If a Scribe has held two or more different Official Positions this dynasty, that Scribe may spend 10 Energy to Score.

Unmark the rule ‘Grading’ if it isn’t unmarked already.



12-07-2016 22:45:27 UTC

against Gives an advantage to people who have already been Scribe of the week.


12-07-2016 22:50:24 UTC

Also, as a matter of record, President of the Galaxy is not an office position since the name isn’t in bold. This means that at current, it would be impossible to get this without having been SotW which is a position given out at Brendan’s digression which makes it a little unfair.


12-07-2016 22:53:42 UTC

I expect us to accumulate at least two more Official Positions by the end of the dynasty.

Good point on PotG, but I’m out of proposal slots.

RaichuKFM: she/her

14-07-2016 06:56:59 UTC

against I feel it’s a bit strong.


14-07-2016 15:32:32 UTC

Strong in what sense?