Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Proposal: Set Sail for Adventure!

Reaches quorum and passes, 9-0. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 11 Aug 2016 16:30:54 UTC

Under the rule “Ships”, replace

Possible classes of ship are listed as sub rules to this rule. Each class must have a Name, which is the title of the subrule, a Cost, which is a positive integer.


Possible classes of ship are listed as sub rules to this rule. Each class must have a Name, which is the title of the subrule, a Cost, which is a positive integer, a Hold Size, which is a positive integer, and a Speed, with is a positive integer.

Amend the subrule “Sloop” by appending:

Speed: 1

Amend the subrule “Brigantine” by appending:

Speed: 2

Amend the subrule “Barque” by appending:

Speed: 3

Amend the subrule “Galleon” by appending:

Speed: 5

Add a new rule called “Sailing”, containing the following text:

As a daily action, a hunter may set sail on the Golden Archipelago, changing their location on the grid by a number of spaces less than or equal to their ship’s Speed. Moving two diagonal spaces on the grid is considered as moving three spaces.

My first legitimate proposal, hopefully everything’s up to par.



11-08-2016 00:38:44 UTC

Note: Can you more clearly define diagonal movement?


11-08-2016 00:40:03 UTC

Feels unclear and scamabble, 2 diagonal moves are equal to 3 regular, but what about one? Or four?


11-08-2016 00:43:15 UTC

Note: in regards to the above, consider the Cardinal directions when clarifying. Might help. It might be nice to have a sort of compass. In fact I might propose just that some time soon, once I get around to examining the rules more carefully.

RaichuKFM: she/her

11-08-2016 01:08:21 UTC

Try to remember to keep Notes: as, well, Notes:.

There’s little point in not making a comment a Note:, if there are no votes yet, if you’re not voting in it.


11-08-2016 01:11:11 UTC

for Will need some fixes as stated above but that can be done later as this doesn’t immediately hurt anything. I also think we need to get out of the habit of waiting so long to vote in case of a note.


11-08-2016 01:12:42 UTC

for Hmm. Could we possibly just remove the Note:s and just flat out say you can edit it as long as there are no votes?


11-08-2016 01:14:26 UTC



11-08-2016 01:16:41 UTC

Hoping to see a nerf on the bigger ships.


11-08-2016 01:22:31 UTC

Why nerf? It costs more pieces.

RaichuKFM: she/her

11-08-2016 01:26:10 UTC

for I’m with Larry, really.


11-08-2016 01:27:17 UTC

So as to prevent one dominating class. For example, all-powerful juggernauts (non-existent in this dynasty) were slower than smaller ships.

Clucky: he/him

11-08-2016 01:39:05 UTC

Note: in the future please write proposals that don’t assume a previously pending proposal passes. This is why you’ll see proposals that say “If the proposal (link) fails, this proposal does nothing” that way we aren’t stuck trying to edit a ships rule that doesn’t exist when admining a proposal.



11-08-2016 01:56:22 UTC

Still, the tally HAS reached more than quorum. I would take a epic changing of votes for it to fail.

Clucky: he/him

11-08-2016 01:59:49 UTC

Actually it would just take me changing my vote or a raichu veto. Likely not gonna happen, but it’s always better safe than sorry


11-08-2016 02:00:25 UTC

I stand corrected.


11-08-2016 02:06:43 UTC

whoops, you’re right, i’ll make sure to remember that next time

Kevan: he/him

11-08-2016 08:57:45 UTC



11-08-2016 11:58:54 UTC



11-08-2016 12:52:33 UTC