Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proposal: Settelement House Ethos II

Timed out 4 votes to 7 (3 deferential). Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 May 2009 07:59:59 UTC

Create a new subrule under “The Bunker” titled “Settlement House Ethos,” with the following text:

A Contestant in the kitchen may, as a weekly action but subject to the limitations in this rule, attempt to cook. The Contestant making the attempt must make a post to the main page titled “{Name} is Cooking for the {Room}” where {Name} is the Contestant’s Name and {Room} is a Room in the bunker other than the Kitchen. The body of the post should describe the food being cooked. That Contestant must then roll DICEX where X is the number of Contestants in the Kitchen (including the Contestant who is cooking) plus the number of Contestants in the named Room unless X would be equal to 1; if X would be equal to 1 no DICE are rolled and the cooking is automatically unsuccessful. The result of the DICEX role is the “result”. If the result exceeds X/2 rounded up, the cooking was successful, if it is less that X/4 rounded down or equal to 1, the cooking was a disaster, otherwise the cooking was merely unsuccessful. The Contestant must post a comment to the cooking post stating which of these outcomes has occurred.

If the cooking was successful, the Contestant who did the cooking may change the Support of a number of Contestants equal to the result who are in the Kitchen or the named Room to him; if, however, the result was equal to X, the Contestant may choose not to change his own support to himself as part of this process. If making these changes causes any Contestant’s Support to be the same as his Vote, that Contestant’s Vote must be set to blank. If the cooking was unsuccessful nothing happens. If the cooking was a disaster the Contestant doing the cooking must set the vote values of all Contestants in the Kitchen and the named Room, except his own, to his name. If making this change causes any Contestant’s support to be the same as his vote, that Contestant’s support must be set to its default.

Any attempt to cook renders the dishes dirty and they remain dirty until a Contestant cleans them. In order to clean the dishes a Contestant must be in the Kitchen. The Contestant doing the cleaning must add a comment to the original cooking post stating that he is “doing the dishes.” That Contestant must then remain in the Kitchen for 24 hours; the Contestant doing the dishes must then post a comment to the cooking post stating that the “dishes are done,” at which point the dishes are no longer dirty.  If the Contestant who is doing the dishes leaves the Kitchen for any reason before the end of that 24 hour period, he must post a comment to the cooking post stating that the “dishes remain dirty.” Any attempt to do the dishes requires a full 24 hours, regardless of any prior incomplete attempts.

A Contestant may not cook if: another Contestant has successfully cooked in the previous 24 hours, the dishes are dirty, or if that Contestant was the last Contestant to attempt to cook.

I think this answers most of the concerns raised in the first post. There is now a downside to attempting to cook. Since disaster has more severe consequences than success, however, I have made it less likely to occur. I have also provided for the situation where the consequences of cooking would violate the rule that support and vote can not have the same value. Since the consensus is that a Character can support himself, I have not forbidden the cook from changing his own support, however, I have given him the option not to do so. I have made explicit the fact that cleaning the dishes causes them to cease to be dirty. I have also removed the objectionable text-in-vote mechanism so this will be a straight up or down vote.


Ienpw III:

05-20-2009 15:48:39 UTC

for... But what happens if no one does the dishes?


05-20-2009 15:53:47 UTC

Yuri: Then no one can cook.  This seems to be a fairly regular occurance on reality TV shows. =)


05-20-2009 16:18:16 UTC



05-20-2009 18:20:32 UTC

This is so long I’m not reading it against


05-20-2009 18:44:33 UTC

for Nice reason arth.

‘of the DICEX role’ I think this counts as a typo error? (roll)

This rule could be really interesting.. :D


05-20-2009 19:21:30 UTC

This makes cooking marginally less risky the more people you’re trying to bribe with it. I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not, but it probably doesn’t matter.


05-20-2009 21:11:53 UTC


What happens if someone has been doing the dishes for more than 24 hours but does not make the comment?

The provision “another Contestant has successfully cooked in the previous 24 hours” is not needed since it takes 24 hours to wash the dishes anyways.

Scaling issues brought up last time and by ais.


05-20-2009 22:04:02 UTC

imperial  I am not reading something like this.


05-20-2009 22:07:03 UTC



05-21-2009 07:33:06 UTC

against Don’t really like the idea. Why would cooking change someone’s support?


05-21-2009 13:47:08 UTC

The idea is that if someone cooks well, one is less willing to vote him off, but if he cooks horribly, one is more willing to vote him off.


05-21-2009 17:57:05 UTC



05-22-2009 08:38:29 UTC



05-22-2009 09:15:15 UTC



05-22-2009 12:49:15 UTC



05-22-2009 14:47:04 UTC