Monday, December 06, 2010

Proposal: Sex doesn’t matter, love does

Times out and fails, 2-5-4.—Brendan

Adminned at 08 Dec 2010 14:39:04 UTC

Add this text at the end of the first paragraph in the subrule Mortals:

When a new Mortal is added to the Mortals wiki page, its Legacy and its Spouse are blank. Its name must be chosen and given by the Divinity who adds it. Of the possible combinations of one or two spheres of Influence (Ephemeral; Material; Domestic; Ephemeral and Material; Ephemeral and Domestic; Material and Domestic) to which Mortals may be vulnerable, the Divinity who adds the new Mortal must choose a combination among those that are the less frequent on the Mortal wiki page and set that Mortal’s vulnerability to that combination.

Suppress the second paragraph of the subrule Mortals and replace it with :

Let Z be a number equal to one half of Quorum, rounded down; if at any time the Mortals page lists fewer than Z non-dead mortals, the Imperatrix may create new, Adult mortals and list them on that page until there are Z non-dead mortals.

Add this text at the end of the subrule Mortals:

As a weekly action, the Imperatrix may create Y new, Child mortals and list them on the Mortals wiki page, where Y is the number of Couples. Each pair of Alive Mortals, in which each of these two Mortal’s Spouse is the another Mortal, is a Couple.




Darknight: he/him

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07-12-2010 08:28:17 UTC

This proposal assumes that Alive Mortals are automatically distributed into Couples, but does not provide a mechanic for this distribution.

And it allows for infinite mortal creation (at the rate of Y per week)—while I do think our Alive Mortal population needs to increase to at least double that of the Divinity population (what sort of world has more gods than people?), I do think there needs to be some sort of population cap.  We should be competing for the attentions of a limited set of people.

Nevertheless, this mechanic for mortal-creation is superior to the current mechanic.  If the bugs are fixed, I will happily vote for a revised proposal.  And if the Imperatrix deems the bugs unimportant, then your proposal wins my vote as well.  imperial


07-12-2010 15:15:09 UTC


Brendan: he/him

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07-12-2010 18:33:13 UTC

(what sort of world has more gods than people?)

A modern world of non-believers in which the old gods fight for the few remeining souls open to the astral plane. Perfect fit for the theme!


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That’s good. I was just searching a purpose for spouses.


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