Monday, May 09, 2011

Shareholder Meeting: X Express (merger offer to acquire Rules & Co.)

Shareholder meeting of X Express
Record date information:
Market - 65
Travis - 15
Spikebrennan - 20

This is a Merger Offer to acquire Rules & Co. in a cash deal.  It expires at 00:00:01 on December 31, 2011.  The Cash Price is 100.  This is a fair deal to acquire an insolvent corporation and I suggest that it be promptly approved by the shareholders of both affected corporations.



05-09-2011 14:23:23 UTC

Just to clarify, if this and the accompanying Merger Acceptance would pass right now, X Express would lose 405 Worth and Rules & Co. would cease to exist, its Shareholders receiving 1 Credit per share. Is this correct?

This mechanic would probably be more interesting if the Business Plans of the two Corporations were added up as well. I’m out of slots at the moment, so anyone who would like to see this change can feel free to propose it.


05-09-2011 17:51:45 UTC

1 Credit per share is not really a lot. I’m willing to buy Rules & Co shares for substantially more than that, just in case I can turn the company around.


05-09-2011 18:14:28 UTC

There is not, at present, an accompanying Merger Acceptance.  If this passes, then and only then could the counterpart Merger Acceptance be posted as a shareholder meeting of Rules & Co.


05-09-2011 18:42:21 UTC

I know; I’m just letting Rules & Co shareholders know that there’s a better offer on the table than this one (assuming it passes).


05-09-2011 22:30:22 UTC

Or you can vote for my Great Equalizer proposal and have a fighting chance again.


05-10-2011 07:38:47 UTC

for 65

I very much doubt that Rules & Co will accept this, but if they want to dig their own graves by doing so, I won’t stand in their way.