Friday, January 12, 2007

Proposal: Shock and Awe, take two

Cannot be Enacted without a change of vote (2-7 with 13 active Olympians)
Failed by Hix

Adminned at 14 Jan 2007 12:38:56 UTC

Add a new rule called The Awe Factor, stating:

If an attribute of an Olympian changes, causing that attribute to be higher than that of any other Olympian, e gains 1 popularity point. This can only be done at the moment that eir attribute in question becomes the highest of any other Olympian. At the moment that this becomes untrue, e loses 1 popularity point.  This could be true for a single Olympian of more than one attribute, and e would gain a popularity point for each applicable attribute, but only at the moment that each point becomes the highest of any other Olympian.

  The Olympian with the highest sum of all attributes gains 3 popularity points once, at the moment eir sum becomes higher than any other Olympian’s sum. If this ceases to be true, e loses the 3 popularity points.





01-12-2007 01:12:02 UTC

technically you should change the other one back

as far as this one is concerned… imperial


01-12-2007 01:54:18 UTC



01-12-2007 03:21:23 UTC

against May cause undue loss of popularity for pop-7+ athletes.


01-12-2007 12:46:00 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

01-12-2007 15:48:00 UTC



01-12-2007 17:56:21 UTC

Too much of a pain to keep track against


01-12-2007 19:25:11 UTC

imperial  I like it, but you should take out the loss of 1 if it stops being true.


01-13-2007 00:41:52 UTC

against don’t like it.
Also, whoever happens to be higest in each attribute (or sum of attributes) at time of this proposal’s enactment gets hosed when e loses the top spot, having never gained the bonus.