Sunday, December 10, 2017

Call for Judgment: Shooting the Moon

Reaches quorum, 3-0. Enacted by pokes.

The rolls have two fours.

Adminned at 10 Dec 2017 20:46:34 UTC

I believe that “The orientation of the tesseract is set as determined by a DICE8 roll in the GNDT, where 1 is North, 2 is South, 3 is East, 4 is West, 5 is Up, 6 is Down, 7 is Ana, and 8 is Kata.” means that the orientation of the Tesseract is reset after each time the Instability reaches 5, as this is what we had been doing so far, and is implied by that the original proposal adding this text would have no clear effect on gameplay otherwise, since the orientation had already been set.

In this interpretation, the chance that Cuddlebeam could have run their combos to completion is essentially zero. But I presume that Cuddlebeam’s intention in posting the combos, even if they couldn’t be done to completion, was to do them for as long as possible until a listed action would have failed. By my count: after “[Combo] Setup”, Cuddlebeam had 14 power, and the Instability was 3. Each iteration of “[Combo] Loop” raises the Instability by 3, and then increases power by 2. Running the loop 12 times would give Cuddlebeam 38 power, enough for 76 wisdom, above Diabecko’s 75. In running the loop 12 times, the Instability would have reached 5 seven times, requiring 7 rolls of a DICE8 to reorient the Tesseract. If the roll were a 3 or 4, this would have destroyed all of the Fire shards, stopping the combo as written.

Upon enacting this CfJ, roll 7 DICE8 in the GNDT. If any are 3 or 4, replace the rule “Merit” with “The Tesserer named Diabecko has achieved victory.” If none are 3 or 4, replace the rule “Merit” with “The Tesserer named Cuddlebeam has achieved victory.”



10-12-2017 19:13:52 UTC

for OK


10-12-2017 20:06:37 UTC

for Seems fair to me.


10-12-2017 20:17:36 UTC

If I lose it’ll be my punishment for not having blocked Cuddlebeam when I had the chance. It’s funny because I was certain someone had something like that up their sleeve, seeing that noone seemed to be trying very hard to counter my actions, but I totally missed the loophole :).


10-12-2017 20:42:52 UTC

Well that’s a fast quorum. Let’s see how it shakes out!


10-12-2017 20:46:35 UTC

Two 4’s, Diabecko wins!