Friday, April 10, 2020

Proposal: Shop Till You Drop

Reaches Quorum 8-0—Clucky

Adminned at 12 Apr 2020 00:02:40 UTC

Add a subrule to “Bells” called “Items”

Each Villager may have an Item, tracked in the Villagers table in the “Archipelago” wiki page. Villagers may not have multiple items.

Items have a Name, which is just flavor text used to reference the Item, a Cost, which either an integer or “Not For Sale”, and an Effect. The available items are

* Name: Flimsy Axe. Cost: 100. Effect: The given Villager performs the “Mining” action
* Name: Strong Axe. Cost: 500. Effect: The given Villager performs the “Mining” action twice
* Name: Clown Makeup. Cost: 200. Effect: All Villagers on the same Island as the given Villager gain 20 Bells.
* Name: Personality Matrix. Cost: 1500. Effect: The given Player may change the given Villager’s Personality to any legal value
* Name: Terraforming Kit. Cost: 2500. Effect: If the given Player is Mayor of the Island which the given Villager is a Resident of, that player may change the Island’s Biome to any legal value. Otherwise, nothing happens and the Effect is Minor.

A Player may spend an Action Point to cause a Villager who does not have an item to pick an item whose cost is not “Not For Sale”, have the Villager spend the associated Cost in Bells, and gain that Item.

Append “If the Villager performing this action has a Flimsy Axe, they gain 10 additional Bells. If they have a Strong Axe they gain 25 additional Bells.” to the Mining Task
Append “If either the Villager or the Villager they are targeting has Clown Makeup, they both gain 10 additional Bells.” to the Teamwork Task

Add the following to the list of tasks

Use: Use may only be performed if a Villager is holding an Item. The Effect of the Item the Villager is holding is applied. Any references to the “given Villager” in the Effect text refer to the Villager performing the Task. Any references to “given Player” in the Effect text refer to the Player performing the action. Unless the Effect specifies that the Effect is Minor, the Villager then loses the Item.


Lulu: she/her

10-04-2020 18:24:53 UTC


Josh: he/they

10-04-2020 19:52:36 UTC


Darknight: he/him

10-04-2020 19:59:39 UTC


Kevan: he/him

10-04-2020 20:20:02 UTC



11-04-2020 00:40:10 UTC


Brendan: he/him

11-04-2020 14:36:43 UTC



11-04-2020 19:41:22 UTC