Monday, January 23, 2006

Proposal: Shore Leave

9-0.  Timed out, and all that jazz—Excalabur

Adminned at 25 Jan 2006 11:59:33 UTC

If Port passed, reword the “Port” rule to:-

If The Inquisitor is not currently on an Adventure that requires leaving the ship, then the Captain may declare in a post that the ship is docking at a Port.

While The Inquisitor is at port, Swashbucklers may move Ashore. Those that are Ashore are then able to:-

  • Spend their Booty - 8 doubloons buys them any item of Motley they desire.
  • Visit the Sawbones - 8 doubloons allows them to remove any one item of Motley they have gained through Injury.

No Boarding Adventures may be announced while The Inquisitor is at port. Once all crew are back aboard the Inquisitor, the Captain may set sail by announcing this to the weblog.

Remove the paragraph beginning “Swashbucklers with booty to spare” from Rule 2.8 (“Motley”), and add the following to the end of the first paragraph:-

Motley can be purchased at Port, or acquired as a result of Injury.



01-23-2006 16:33:00 UTC

for aye, tis a good amendmant.


01-23-2006 16:58:06 UTC



01-23-2006 16:59:46 UTC



01-23-2006 17:27:13 UTC


Elias IX:

01-23-2006 18:44:10 UTC



01-23-2006 18:51:18 UTC

for still not happy about getting leg, arm and eye transplants…


01-24-2006 02:16:28 UTC

Arr, I was imagining that eyepatches were to cover minor but treatable eye injuries, rather than entirely missing eyes. And that the port doctor would be fitting more advanced prosthetics that give freedom of movement at the expense of piratical awe-striking.


01-24-2006 16:21:42 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

01-24-2006 20:13:40 UTC

Surely some eye-patches are for treatable injuries, eh, Excalabur?

Hopin’ you’ll find that one out soon enough, you dog..