Monday, August 23, 2021

Sidebar correction

The sidebar incorrectly said the player count is 12 and Quorum is 7.
The actual list of active players has 14 players. Quorum is therefore 8.
Accordingly, I have corrected the numbers in the sidebar.



23-08-2021 04:00:39 UTC

The initial desynch between player-list and player-count happened on August 8th, when Cuddlebeam marked emself active without changing the player count.

The listed player count remained off by one, causing intermittent errors with Quorum, until Cuddlebeam unidled emself again yesterday without changing the player count. That led to the player count being off by two, and listed quorum perpetually one lower than actual quorum, until I caught the mistake while resolving “Walking the Walk”.

While this is originally Cuddlebeam’s fault, the fault for the time it remained off by 1 is shared between every admin that idled or unidled a player during that time, myself included, who failed to count the number of active players.


23-08-2021 07:30:39 UTC

I totally forgot and that’s on me.

Kevan: City he/him

23-08-2021 10:40:07 UTC

Relatedly, I idle myself. Quorum drops to 7.