Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Proposal: Siege ya later, alligator!


Adminned at 21 Sep 2022 13:49:18 UTC

Add a new rule called “Sieging”:

As a daily action, a Baron may start a Siege. A Siege is an atomic action with the following steps:
Choosing a number for the Siege not shared by any other current Siege.
Moving any number of migrants in their Levy from their infrastructure to the exterior of a Keep which is owned by a Human King at War with them. Migrants may not be moved from anywhere other than infrastructure owned by the Baron they are in the Levy of for this purpose. For the duration of this Siege, those Migrants are considered to be part of this Siege.

The Migrants in each Siege are publicly tracked, as is the Baron who owns that Siege. Migrants in the Exterior of a Keep of an entity they are Hostile towards are considered to be Besieging that Keep. Migrants cease to part of a siege if they leave the Exterior of the Keep they are Sieging. Rather than the Migrants in a Siege being listed in the Exterior of the Keep they are Besieging, “Siege #N” is displayed in the Exterior of that Keep instead, although they are still considered to be at that location.

As a daily action, a Baron may Intensify their sieges by doing the following atomic action:
Each non-Equipped Migrant that is part of their Levy and participating in a Siege reduces the Hit Points of the outermost Defensive structure of the Keep they are Besieging by 10.
Each Equipped Migrant that is part of their Levy and participating in a Siege reduces the Hit Points of the outermost Defensive of the Keep they are Besieging structure by 20.

A Baron may end one of their sieges by moving the Migrants in that siege out of the Exterior of the Keep they are Sieging and distributing them as they wish among their Stockpile and Infrastructure (subject to the Infrastructure’s maximum populations). Once a Siege has ended it is no longer publicly tracked.

Add the following to the list of all infrastructure:

| Barrack || Stone (cut) x 21, Iron (Plate) x 3 || Whenever a Migrant moves out of this infrastructure into another entitity’s as part of a Siege, that Migrant becomes Equipped.|| 250 || 3


Let’s start attacking those nasty human kings!



21-09-2022 03:17:19 UTC

May want to change the ‘Baron’s Keep’ in the description of Barracks, otherwise it won’t do anything since you can never be at war with other Barons. Also, it’d be a good idea to specify that Migrants cease to participate in the Siege once they leave the exterior they are sieging (even though I don’t believe you can move your Migrants back once you move them to an exterior at the moment).


21-09-2022 04:01:40 UTC

Woops! The barracks thing was from a previous draft and it must have gotten rolled over.


21-09-2022 05:39:12 UTC

I’m not enthusiastic about introducing a daily action grind to a dynasty carefully designed to avoid those.

SingularByte: Demon King he/him

21-09-2022 07:40:24 UTC

I think I’d agree with Bucky’s reservations here. The labour action is intended specifically to let you pool up daily actions, so this should probably either also be a labour action, or at least be something that works along the same lines.


21-09-2022 13:25:03 UTC