Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Proposal: SILENCE!

Adminned at 05 May 2017 16:07:38 UTC

Create a new rule titled “Shhh!” with the text:

For any auction the Commissioner may make it a silent auction by doing at least one of the following:
*including the text “[SHH!]” in the title
*including the text “silent auction” somewhere in the body
*making a comment with the text “SILENCE!” before anyone has made a valid bid

Silent auctions can be made regular auctions for up to one hour after the auction was posted if the Commissioner has not received any silent bids and they make a comment with the text “SPEAK UP!”

The differences between a silent auction and a regular auction are:
*any bids are sent as private messages to the Commissioner, with the name of the player they are bidding on.
*silent bids (bids made on silent auctions) can be made for a lower amount than the Manager’s previous bid.
*silent bids made after the set time that the auction closed are invalid

Silent bids must be addressed only to the Commissioner and no other player. After the silent auction ends the Commissioner makes a comment stating who won the auction and how much their bid was. The Commissioner may not disclose the other silent bids and may not disclose any silent bids for an auction before that auction has closed. The Commissioner may not bid on a silent auction.

If the Commissioner creates a silent auction that they wish to participate in the bidding of, they may nominate a Manager with a full team to be the Silent Auctioneer, that Manager may accept or decline, stating so in a comment of that auction. For this rule only and for the specific auction that the Manager has accepted, the Silent Auctioneer is considered to be the Commissioner and the Commissioner is considered to be a Manager.

Timed out 3-0. Enacted by card.


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05-04-2017 17:12:58 UTC

“and the Commissioner is considered to be a Manager.”

That part kind of does nothing, because Pokes is Commissioner + Manager anyways, not only Commissioner.

Pokes never actually loses the position of Commissioner either (not even in the virtual minispace of a sort inside a delegated Silent Auction), so if we get a Silent Auctioneer, we’d have two effective Commissioners for the Silent Auction which I believe is unintended.

And we can reach an information stalemate where silent auctions can’t end, because we can communicate some of the auctions to one Commissioner and some to the other, and they explicitly can’t share that information, so they can’t actually know who won, so they can’t close the auction. Unless we fix that by freebieing out that they can share the information via some CfJ or whatever but as I’ve mentioned before I really don’t like freebies for feelgood, because I’d much prefer to grip onto the rules as written and take head-on consequences and if needed, actually lawyer ourselves out properly if needed.

for For more mechanics.

Just don’t run any delegated Silent Auctions please pokes lol.


05-04-2017 17:13:40 UTC

I also have the bad habit of not proofreading what I write lol, sorry.


05-04-2017 17:15:48 UTC

(i need to stop using needed as needed when I need to, you see)


05-04-2017 20:07:22 UTC

[beam] I meant it to be something like “the Commissioner is considered to not be the Comissioner” so that the above rule allows them to vote.


05-04-2017 22:08:33 UTC

Yeah, I thought so lol. Luckily it causes only an issue with a part of the rules which is entirely optional (and avoidable), by the Commissioner himself, no less. So no worries.