Saturday, September 01, 2018

Proposal: Six of One

Reached quorum 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 03 Sep 2018 08:54:27 UTC

Replace “for each Ape, set their gender to a random value” with:-

Divide the Apes into two equally sized groups, or into two groups where one group contains exactly one more Ape than the other, assigning Apes to these groups in a secretly random manner. Then choose one group in a secretly random manner and set the Genders of the Apes in it to Male, and set the Genders of the Apes in the other group to Female.

Reformat the New Generation Event bullet list to be a numbered list starting at 1 and incrementing that number for each item in the list.

Enforcing an approximate parity of genders (specifying a “secret” manner so that the Monolith doesn’t need to work out a GNDT die roll system for it).



09-01-2018 14:20:48 UTC

for Someone should probably post something to the appendix/core rules about the use of scripts instead of the GDNT for randomization and such.


09-01-2018 16:45:38 UTC

Axemabaro, I think its already covered, it doesn’t mention scripts but doesn’t need to. “If a selection is explicitly specified as being “secretly” random, the Ape making this determination may do so using a private method of their choosing, instead of the GNDT.”


09-01-2018 18:09:25 UTC



09-01-2018 21:55:15 UTC

for reasonable enough


09-02-2018 10:22:53 UTC



09-02-2018 22:53:17 UTC