Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proposal: Skills First, Then Levels

“For the purposes of Dynastic Rules and proposals, the Dungeon Master is not considered an Adventurer unless specifically referred to as the Dungeon Master. “

The rule “Proposals” only mentions “Adventurer” not “Dungeon Master” and so Yoda can’t propose. Yoda illegally proposed this after the quoted rule above was past. All in favor of keeping it this way? =P—Clucky

Adminned at 10 Jul 2008 03:58:53 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule titled “Skills” with the following text:

Each Adventurer has a number of skills, which are statistics that are tracked in the GNDT.  Each skill shall be listed as a sub-rule to this rule.  If any Adventurer’s skill would ever fall below 1, that Adventurer’s skill is instead set to 1.

Each Adventurer also has an “Experience” (or “XP”) statistic tracked in the GNDT.  New Adventurers start with 0 XP.  At any time, an Adventurer may increase a skill by 1 point by spending an amount of XP equal to 10 times the current value of that skill.

Set each Adventurer’s XP to 0.

I realize this is a lot like the Skills from the last dynasty, but I think it fits better in this dynasty.  Plus, we never really got to use them in the last dynasty (mostly because we never got duelling or spacebattles off the ground… no pun intended).



07-10-2008 04:34:18 UTC

I just wanted to get the framework for skills down first.  We can add skills in another proposal and even come up with some kind of formula for Levels (such as an average of Strength, Defence, Magic, and Ranging, or something like that).


07-10-2008 06:13:45 UTC



07-10-2008 09:44:58 UTC

for I like that skills get harder to train the better you are t them, will reduce the chances of someone predictably working out the ‘ultimate skill’ and spammin’ it.


07-10-2008 09:53:21 UTC

Additionally, I think it’s fvitally important we have a hilariously simple combat system form the get go, even if it’s something like skills * diceroll… I’d rather start palying now then in 6 weeks time.


07-10-2008 10:53:55 UTC


Skills shouldn’t be tracked in the GNDT. We want there to be a large number of possible skills you can choose from, and don’t want to break the GNDT. Use a wiki page instead =)