Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Proposal: Slam dunk!

Can’t pass with 6 votes against, without a CoV. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 23 Sep 2010 07:50:45 UTC

If a competition with the following text does not exist, allow any befuddled to create it.

This competition is divided into rounds, each of which has a judge. The judge for the first round is lilomar. At the beginning of a round, the judge for that round must either post a topic or forfeit. A judge posts a topic by making a comment to this competition which contains a topic. A judge forfeits when they either make a comment to this competition stating their forfeiture, or they do not post a topic within 24 hours of becoming the judge.

After a judge has posted a topic for a round, and before they announce a winner, any befuddled, other than the judge, may make an entry, if they have not yet done so in that round, by posting a comment to this competition containing a poem which is no longer than 150 syllables, and which relates to the topic for that round.

48 hours after a topic is posted, the round ends. Once a round is over, the judge for that round should, within 24 hours, announce in the comments to this competition the winner of that round, and transfer one IQ from each befuddled who made an entry that round to the winner. If they do not do so, they forfeit. Whenever a winner is announced, they become the judge for the current round.

Whenever a judge forfeits, the previous judge (if there is one) is awarded a medal, and this competition closes. If there is no judge when a round ends, the previous judge (if there is one) is awarded a medal, and this competition closes.

Judges may choose a winner based on any criteria that they choose, but should base it on the poem submitted. What constitutes a poem is left up to the judge.

Two small fixes: judges cannot enter (meant to put that one in the first time, but forgot) and if a judge idles out, it works out the same as if they had forfeited.



22-09-2010 18:39:43 UTC



22-09-2010 20:28:13 UTC



22-09-2010 21:13:27 UTC


Darknight: he/him

23-09-2010 01:36:16 UTC



23-09-2010 03:05:00 UTC

CoV,  against .  There is nothing that says the winner of a round had to enter that round; therefore, the judge can still declare himself winner.


23-09-2010 05:00:10 UTC

against @Bucky: Good catch.

Kevan: he/him

23-09-2010 08:39:00 UTC



23-09-2010 13:19:04 UTC